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There are times when you feel like taking a different style of photos, maybe try something different, not just the same technique you’ve been using for each picture, and you need some inspiration. Well then this is the post for you! These aren’t any ground breaking ideas, as they’ve been used before by oh-so-many photographers. However, I have gathered three ideas / techniques that I like to use and switch up to take more interesting shots. 
1. Play with textures: Go with different fabrics (wool, linen, leather etc.) to create different effects and match them with other objects. You could use the fabric as a nice background for products.

2. Use the bokeh effect: In order to do so, make sure you have some kind of lights in the background (Christmas tree, fairy lights etc.) and that your background is blurry (see how to do that in this post). Then place the object you want to photograph in front of the camera and take the shot. The background should have a beautiful bokeh effect.

3. Long exposure shots: You probably don’t want to take this kind of picture of a product, but you can use this effect to make a nice background of passing car-lights, for example. I’m sure you’ve seen tons of pictures like this. To achieve this effect, you have to adjust the shutter speed, which on my DSLR camera is the S setting on the top part of the camera (you can choose from Auto, M, S, A, P etc.), which can be changed by rotating the ring on the right side of your camera. 

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