Bioderma Exfoliating Purifying Gel | Review

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I am doing today a review on the first Bioderma product I ever tried, which – may I add – already love. As you probably already know, Bioderma is a brand that is highly recommended by dermatologists (this and La Roche Posay are the ones that always stood out to me). The reason why I thought this would be a good product for me is the fact that my skin has started acting up lately (probably stress doesn’t help at all) and I started getting a slightly oilier T-zone than I used to have. The formula of this product is scrub-like and, I have to say, it is not the most gentle product, so if you have sensitive skin you probably want to use this in moderation and not rub it too roughly on your face.
What I love about this product is the fact that it cleanses my skin like no one’s business and gets rid of all dead skin cells that you might have. It leaves a very smooth surface, ready to be followed with a nice moisturizer, which will soak up immediately after the exfoliating session (given that the moisturizer is not too thick in consistency). I only use this about 2 times a week, which I believe is the maximum amount you should be using, because – as I said – it does a very thorough job. 

All in all, I think this product has quickly found its way into my skincare routine and I am sure I’ll be getting more Bioderma products to try.
Have you ever tried this? What is your favorite Bioderma product?
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