Decorating Ideas for a Small Balcony

Since summer is officially here (for several weeks now, actually), I thought it would be high time I reorganized, and cleaned, and redecorated my small balcony. I did all of this on a budget because I didn’t feel like investing too much, I simply wanted to have a little space where I could drink my coffee in the morning or enjoy a nice ice-cream in the afternoon. So if you are looking for ideas on how you can revamp your balcony, I’ve made a little list of things I added to the space (in the picture below).
I basically chose two colors: beige and burgundy, and from there on I just picked things that would fit with the color scheme. I also added a bright yellow flower to give it a pop of color and to make it look more home-y and colorful.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the little things I added to my newly redecorated balcony. How do you decorate yours? Feel free to share any ideas you might have in the comments below, I’d love to get new inspiration as well! 🙂

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