Picnic Basket Ideas

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I recently bought a picnic basket (not too sure why I haven’t done that before) and now my favorite thing is to spend time putting together lovely bite-sized meals for picnic afternoons. I actually took the time to film the process a few days ago, which I’ll be posting tomorrow on my channel here. Nonetheless, I thought I would share a few bits of it here as well.

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My picnic basket included the following:
  1. towel(s) – they don’t need any explanation.
  2. serving plate – makes it easier to place meals on a flat surface.
  3. smoked salmon croutons with feta cheese (& cucumbers) – very easy to make and soo delicious!
  4. summer salad – I like to switch it up with different veggies, prosciutto etc.
  5. fruit of choice – I like to go for grapes or strawberries, but any will do.
  6. dried fruits & seeds – I love snacking on these, plus they’re healthy too.
  7. chocolate treats – ok, not the healthiest thing round the block, but I can’t help it, haha! 🙂
  8. lemonade – because a refreshing beverage is a must for any outing.
What do you pack when you go for a picnic? What’s your favorite summer activity?
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