Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 | Part 1

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I will start this post by saying that 2014 has brought a lot of new things and experiences in my life and that, whilst there are some things on my last year’s resolutions list that I did not really stick to, I have accomplished quite a lot and it has been a really good and exciting year. In this post I will talk about the past year and in the next one, coming pretty soon, I will talk about my resolutions for the next one to come.
Here are the main things I accomplished or am really grateful for, that have happened in 2014:

1. I graduated from college. I am really proud of myself for this and I finished with a good grade, so it’s definitely one of my biggest accomplishments of this year.
2. I was admitted into the Master’s degree program that I really wanted to attend. And, might I add, am quite enjoying actually.
3. I started an exciting and terrifying career path. Whilst I am very much overwhelmed by it being so new to me, I still think I will be doing a good job and – who knows – it might actually be my dream job. I do have a looot of work to do and lots to learn as well. But, hey – we all need a place to start.
4. I saved the best for last..and it is something I have not talked about yet, so you are getting a little sneak peek here. I got engaged!!!!! It didn’t happen too long ago, just around Christmas time. I do plan on posting some pictures and maybe a bit of footage from that day on YouTube and on the blog, so let me know if you would like to see that. I am so happy and grateful to be engaged to my love & best friend.
I will end this post here and will see you tomorrow with Part 2 of this. What is your biggest accomplishment of this past year? I am really curious to know!

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