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The One With the Checked Shirt | What I Wore

I’ve recently been shopping for some more spring/summer items that I wanted in my wardrobe and I bought a few dresses (which you will definitely see in future outfit posts) and the checked shirt that you can see in this outfit. I was on the lookout for a pair of sandals from H&M that I saw online, but I couldn’t find them in the shop, so I’m still on the hunt for those. I think it’s because items appear first on the website and only afterwards in stores, so I will hopefully find those soon. Anyway, without further rambling, let’s talk about today’s outfit. The checked shirt is from Bershka and so are the white pants. I love this combination, it definitely screams spring to me. I’ve been really enjoying styling this shirt, since it’s in colours that I never owned before (I think): that light green and navy combination. I paired the outfit with my black tote bag that I always wear, together with a pair of monochrome leopard print flats – both were from George at ASDA. I also accessorized this with a cuff-type of bracelet, in a golden colour, that I got recently from H&M. I love that bracelet, I feel like it’s a good mid-ground between a subtle and a statement cuff. 
This is the outfit I wore the other day when I went wedding dress shopping – so exciting! I am happy to report that I have actually said yes to the dress, and I will be getting it in about a month or so. I will probably do a wedding update post/video soon, so let me know if you would like to see that or if you have any particular posts you would like to see about it.

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