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Patterned Zara Jumper | What I Wore Wednesday

Hey, everyone! Long time no “What I Wore Wednesday” on my blog. And to be honest, I’ve missed it a lot. I love sharing outfits each week and getting inspiration from other bloggers who share theirs. So I’m trying to bring it back. 
As some of you may know, a few months ago I became a mom – and with that came very little spare time (any time that I had was used either to catch up on sleep, do a quick clean around the house or just chill), not much shopping for myself and also, a new postpartum body that was harder to dress. Oh, and it’s probably pointless to mention, since it’s quite an obvious thing, but I did spend a LOT of the time just lounging in pyjamas or comfy sweats. However, I’ve decided to try and put more effort into getting ready in the morning and putting on an actual outfit. So with these What I Wore, I’m forcing myself to make getting ready more of a routine. And I’m really excited about it!
I’m wearing here a Zara jacquard jumper that I recently got on a mommy shopping spree and what drew me to it was this unique pattern. I don’t own anything like it and I thought it would be a nice change from just regular tops or sweaters that I have. You can’t really see in these *a bit blurry* pictures, but it’s quite fluffy and cosy as well. I threw on a black faux leather jacket from Mohito, which I love bringing out once warmer weather comes around. It’s actually been quite weird lately here, one week it looks like spring is around the corner, and another we get freezing temperatures that make you wanna stay inside all day everyday!
I’m wearing a pair of dark navy leggings from New Yorker (one of the few that fit me right now!) and a pair of black Chelsea boots that I got from Deichmann.
Have a great week!
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