• how to create a perfect flatlay with props examples
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    How to Get a Perfect Flatlay: Ultimate HACKS + 35 Props Ideas

    This post was sponsored by Design Bundles. All opinions are my own. How do people get that perfect flatlay? Today I’m sharing with you my best tips for creating flatlays, including the ultimate hack to get them perfectly every time – without any mess or clean-up involved. Plus I’ve included a list of 35 props ideas to use in your photography. I get it. It can be such a big task to get flatlays done yourself. From preparing all the props you need, to setting up the scene, to editing it to make it look bright but not too overexposed. Let alone the fact that you might have a baby…

  • free lightroom preset download dng bright moody aesthetic for instagram
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    Free Lightroom Preset Bright Moody

    Who doesn’t want a beautiful cohesive feed on Instagram these days? We all do, which is why presets have become so huge lately. Everyone seems to be using them AND selling them. Well today I am sharing with you this Bright Moody Lightroom preset for free. I always appreciate free useful resources, so I want to offer the same value to you. All I ask in return is to perhaps share this post on Instagram or tag me in your photos using it. I do check out your feeds and share them as well 🙂 If you haven’t seen already, I have two other presets posted on here: Bright Minimal…

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    Free Lightroom Preset Bright Christmas

    Tis the season for that Christmassy instagram feed. A lot of you loved my Bright minimal lightroom preset, so I figured I would share this Bright Christmas one that I’m going to be using during December. This preset makes your pictures brighter, it has a nice faded green shade for the Christmas trees. Along with a bright red and warm feel to make the pictures look more cosy. You can use this preset for a lot of different types of photos: flatlays, Christmas decorations, portraits, Christmas trees, twinkly lights, home interiors etc. HOW TO INSTALL THE PRESET If you’re unsure how to install this preset, I have posted here a super…

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    Free Lightroom Preset Bright Minimal

    I know how hard it is to find a good Lightroom preset. Especially a free one. I have tried so many that I just didn’t end up using because I didn’t like the end result. So I’ve decided to try and make my own. And I’m sharing it with you today for FREE. Instagram is a highly visual platform, so aesthetics are quite important. It doesn’t mean every photo needs to be staged or a perfectly arranged layout. In fact, the instant, spontaneous photos perform really well. But you can give them a boost with this preset so that they look brighter and warmer. My Bright Minimal preset is perfect…

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    How to Install Presets in Lightroom Mobile (Easiest Way)

    Lightroom presets are everywhere these days. They help you achieve a beautiful and cohesive Instagram feed, which is what we all want when we’re trying to grow our Insta accounts. Today I’m sharing the easiest way you can install these presets, so that you can start using them today. This is a step by step guide, super easy to follow – especially for beginners. With image instructions to help you out. Let’s do this! STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO INSTALL LIGHTROOM PRESETS Download the preset on your phone. It will usually be a .dng file. Open the Lightroom Mobile app. Tap the photo button at the bottom right corner to…