7 Tips to Decorate an IKEA Home Office

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Staying motivated when working from home can be quite challenging and I believe one of the things that helps a lot with this is having a space dedicated only to work. Of course, this depends on the job, but being a translator, I feel like having my own office corner in our apartment makes a world of a difference in my productivity levels. In today’s post I decided to share a few tips that helped me a lot when decorating my at-home office area. I did get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, so you can check out my home decor board if you want to get some more ideas on decorating your own office, but here are a few tips I would like to share:

#1 Plain canvas.

Starting with a plain background is the simplest way to build your at-home office. I chose a white wall, as it’s really easy to decorate later on and it’s the most versatile option. In addition, it makes the place a whole lot brighter – which you definitely want for your office.

#2 Blend it in.

If you’re like me and don’t have an empty room to use exclusively as an office, then you’ll need to improvise your office area in one of the other rooms. I definitely did not want my office in my bedroom (as you need some separation between the relaxation area & working area) and since the living room is the largest area in our apartment, I decided to incorporate my office there. I actually have a joined desk area with my husband, so we put together two Ikea Micke desks and a drawer set in order to make a nice office space. It’s all white and it blends very nicely into our living room. It doesn’t make it look too crammed up, so it works perfectly for us.

#3 Go the minimalist way.

This tip is actually more of a personal preference, but I do believe the minimalist approach works best in an at-home office area. The clean lines actually match the decorating style of our entire apartment and this minimalist look makes the space appear brighter, bigger and more airy.

#4 Add personal bits.

Probably one of the best parts of having an at-home office is the fact that you personalize it as much as you want. I kept the personal bits up on a shelf above the desk because, even though I did want to make it look more personal and decorate it, I also wanted to have a clean desk area. I like to have a large working desk area so that I can spread any notes or paperwork that I need to work on. I added a painting we bought from our honeymoon, a few wedding photos, a candle and some random bits that I love.

#5 Hide wires.

This one is a must for me. Even though you can’t make all the ugly wires disappear, you should definitely hide them as much as you can. This Micke desk from Ikea is amazing for this because it has a built-in space in the back of the desk where you can tuck in all wires. There’s also lots of clips, bits and items that you can buy to help you achieve a wire-free desk area.

#6 Add greenery.

Plants, flowers and green decor makes the place look more alive and fresh. I bought this fake grass-looking plant from a local decor store. I just love the fresh look that it gives. I also like to buy some fresh flowers from the farmer’s market almost every weekend. Lately, I’ve been getting lots of tulips, which you have already seen if you follow me on Instagram

#7 Make it cosy.

You can go as cosy as you want, being that this is your home office. I went for a fluffy blanket that I sometimes keep on my desk chair, which makes the area look so inviting and comfortable. 

These are all my tips for decorating an Ikea home office. I hope they were at least a bit helpful if you’re trying to put together your own home office area.  

Now all you need is a cup of coffee and you’re good to go for a productive working day! 

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