A Day in Richmond Park with a Toddler | London

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dad and son climbing on tree in Richmond Park

Last weekend we visited Richmond Park in London for the first time. We were in awe. It is so beautiful that I just had to capture some moments and share them here with you. Of course, along with our experience walking through Richmond Park with a toddler.

foliage in Richmond Park in London

The entrance has a small playground made mostly of wood, which is so cute. Victor had a quick go on the slide and then we went on our little hike.

people walking in Richmond Park in London

We walked towards the Isabella Plantation. It is stunning. So lush and green everywhere you look. There are some ponds inside the plantation and I hear it’s even more spectacular during spring when everything’s in bloom. We absolutely need to be here during that time next year.

mom and son in Richmond Park in London

We walked for about 4 hours, but it didn’t feel like a struggle until we got home and the feeling of sore feet kicked in.

Victor walked for most of it too. However, on the way back he got quite tired (obviously). I can only imagine what a workout that was for a little buddy. He went in the stroller for most of the walk back.

I had plenty of snacks for him: homemade banana bread, squeeze pouches, biscuits, water etc. I actually think next time I will bring more for us parents too, because we also got quite hungry.

open field scenery in Richmond Parkgate to Isabella Plantation in London

The park is for the most part stroller accessible. Some areas are a bit more wild and challenging to go through, but for the most part it was alright. If you have a toddler that’s likely to get tired along the way, a stroller or a toddler carrier are going to be very helpful.

toddler in Isabella Plantation in Londondad and toddler chasing pigeon on bridge

We saw some deer in the distance too, but we didn’t get super close to them. I think deer walking along humans is one of the things that surprised me the most to see here. That and the foxes that we see from our flat window almost daily. Sometimes I feel like we live in the woods and not in London. Haha! 🙂

Richmond Park with a toddler 

If you’re new around here, I just moved to London with my husband and toddler and, in case you couldn’t tell already, we’re quite excited to explore the area. If you’d like to follow along, I made a whole bunch of YouTube videos about our big move.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into Richmond Park with us. Have a wonderful day!

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