31 Vlogmas Video Ideas For YouTube | Christmas 2021

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If you are currently planning your Christmas content for your YouTube channel or if you’re doing vlogmas this year then I’ve got 31 video ideas for you. 

I hope you get lots of inspiration from this blog post. 

I know some of you might be reading this later on in December when you’re currently doing Vlogmas and you might be a bit stuck for ideas. I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration to keep going with creating your Christmas content.

31 Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube for Vlogmas 2021

Let’s go ahead and get started with the Christmas video ideas for this year. I actually picked a lot of these ideas from searchable content topics. 

I tried looking on YouTube search and also on Google search, so these ideas are searchable pieces of content that people actually want to see. 

These will help you grow your channel as well as give you inspiration for content. 

I’ve tried breaking it down into categories like I did with my Halloween video ideas for YouTube

31 Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube for Vlogmas 2021

Christmas Video Ideas: DIY and Crafts

The first category is DIY and crafts and I’ve got two video ideas for you here. 

1. DIY Christmas decorations

The first video idea is to do some DIY Christmas decorations, whether that’s using paper or just any sort of craft materials you want to include in the project. 

Maybe you can use items you got from the Dollar Tree if you’re in the US, or Poundland if you’re in the UK like me. People love getting ideas for Christmas decorations they can do themselves.

2. DIY gift wrap ideas

You can also film a video on DIY gift wrapping ideas. 

In this video you are maybe giving people some more sustainable options for gift wrapping or even just some different ideas on what items they can use to gift wrap their presents in a unique way. 

Christmas Video Ideas: Home Decor and Cleaning

Let’s move on to the home decor and cleaning type of videos, if you have a YouTube channel like mine that’s more focused on homemaking.

3. Christmas decorate with me

A Christmas decorate with me would be a great video to film at the beginning of the holiday season. 

This is a video where you go around your home and put out all of your Christmas decorations. People always love to see that type of video because it’s always got such a nice cosy feeling, especially if you can also add some heartwarming music on top. 

In case you’re wondering, I get all the music for my YouTube videos from Epidemic Sound. This is what I’ve been using for a few years now and I really love it, as they have such great Christmas music and other vlog music in general. 

It’s also awesome because you don’t have to worry about any copyright claims on the music on their website.

4. Christmas tree decorating process

My next video idea for you is a Christmas tree decorating video. 

You can share the process of decorating your Christmas tree, maybe you can share how you went to pick it from a farm, if you get a real one, or which one you chose from the shops if it’s an artificial one that you use.

5. Christmas decor haul

You could also film a Christmas decor haul, where you share a video of a collective haul or just a haul from a specific shop where you got your Christmas decor for the year. 

6. Christmas decor ideas on a budget

Going along with the previous video idea, you could do a video on Christmas decor ideas on a budget. 

Perhaps you can share how you upcycle items that you can get from the Dollar Tree or Poundland, for example. 

You can share how you transform those items to make them a bit more special for the holidays or you could simply share a few nice budget friendly options for Christmas decor.

7. How to make your home cosy for Christmas

You could also film a really nice and relaxing video on how to make your home look more cosy for Christmas and feel more festive and inviting. 

You could share festive candles, chunky knit throws, anything that you use to turn the atmosphere at your home really cosy for the holidays.

8. Declutter before Christmas

Another great video to film during vlogmas season is to declutter before Christmas. 

This is a video where you share how you declutter maybe toys or just wardrobes in general, kitchen cupboards, whatever it may be for you. 

It’s a really great time to do a big declutter before Christmas, so that you have a fresh start going into the new year as well.

9. Undecorate with me after Christmas

The next video idea is something you film after Christmas and this is an Undecorate with me video. 

This is a video where you basically take down all of the decorations that you put up for Christmas and have a fresh start after the holidays. You can share how you organise and store your decorations until the next year as well.

This is actually a video idea that I did last year and it did so well, a lot of people loved it. So if you’re in the cleaning, decorating or homemaking niche, then this video is a perfect one for you.

31 Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube for Vlogmas 2021

Christmas Video Ideas: Food

10. Christmas Baking Recipe Ideas

Moving on to the food category of videos, a great one is a Christmas baking recipe ideas video. 

Whatever type of baking that you like to do at Christmas, whether it’s cookies or maybe some festive muffins, cupcakes, whatever it might be – this would be great to include in a video for the holidays.

11. Christmas Dinner ideas

Going along with that previous one, you could also share some Christmas dinner ideas

Maybe you have some special traditions that you do at Christmas or some nice recipes that you want to try this year that could be inspiring for your audience.

12. Christmas Appetizers Ideas

You could also film a video on Christmas appetizers ideas for people who are maybe having a little party this year or just want to have something a bit more special for Christmas. 

This would be great to include some simple appetizer ideas you could easily make at home.

13. Christmas Party Food on a Budget

Another video idea is a Christmas party food on a budget. 

Some people want to have a Christmas party, but maybe they don’t want to break the bank to do it, so it would be nice to share a few ideas that are more budget friendly for people who are interested in that.

Christmas Video Ideas: Fashion

14. Winter fashion haul

Moving on to the fashion category, the first video idea would be a winter fashion try on haul. 

Try on hauls are really great searchable videos that generally perform well, because people can actually see what clothes look like on and a lot of viewers are constantly looking for inspiration when it comes to outfits.

15. Winter outfit ideas

Another great video to film is a winter outfit ideas, where you share how you would actually style different pieces of clothing for various occasions. 

16. Christmas party outfit ideas

Going along with that, you could do a video on Christmas party outfit ideas as well. 

A lot more people will be going to Christmas parties this year, so they might be looking for Christmas party outfit ideas that they could wear maybe to an office Christmas party or just a casual one with friends.

Christmas Video Ideas: Mom Vlogging

17. Christmas activities for toddlers

For my mum vloggers out there, you could do a Christmas activities for toddlers video, where you share different ideas of what you could do with your kids around Christmas time. 

This could be different activities you do in nature or at home, depending on the weather.

18. DIY Christmas ideas for kids

You could also do a video on DIY ideas for Christmas for kids. 

For example, some simple projects that you could DIY with your children to get them involved and work on some skills together, that would be a really nice video for you to share with other mums. 

19. Best Christmas movies for kids

You can share what you think are the best Christmas movies to watch with kids. 

Because as we know, not all Christmas movies would be super appropriate for kids, so perhaps you could share some traditional movies, classic ones that you really love or ones that are new on Netflix this year that you’ve discovered recently. 

Basically anything that you would watch with your kids this year, that would go great in a video like this. 

20. Montessori inspired activity ideas for Christmas

You could also do a video on Montessori inspired activities for Christmas. 

For example, you could just take activities from the Montessori style of learning and give them a Christmas spin just to make them interesting for your kids and more festive during the holidays.

21. Christmas sensory bin ideas

Going along with that, you could also do a video on Christmas sensory bin ideas for little children.

You could share how you would fill one of those rice trays or activity trays. You could share different ideas of items that you can place in these sensory bins, obviously with a festive spin on them for Christmas.

Christmas Video Ideas: Lifestyle or General

31 Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube for Vlogmas 2021

22. Gift wrapping with me

Let’s move into the lifestyle or general type of videos. 

You can do a gift wrapping with me video, where you kind of chit chat and share how you wrap your gifts. You could also share what gifts you got for your family and friends, as that’s always a fun video to watch. 

Do keep in mind that the vibe and festive spirit is everything in videos like this, so make sure you’ve got a really cosy Christmas atmosphere in these videos. 

23. Gift ideas for different people in your life or for kids

Another video you could do is some gift ideas that could be specifically for your kids or for other people in your life, like your spouse, your mum, dad or whoever you are buying gifts for this year. 

This is a great video to film, because people always need ideas on presents to buy their loved ones.

24. Best Christmas movies on Netflix 2021

You could also do a video on the best Christmas movies on Netflix in 2021. 

People are always looking for ideas on what to watch on Netflix at the weekends or in the evenings, so if you could share your favorite ones or the best ones that you found so far, that would be a great video to film during Vlogmas.

25. Christmas photoshoot ideas

Another video idea is to share your Christmas photo shoot ideas. 

Maybe if you have some pointers on where people could go to take some really nice photos themselves for the holidays, or maybe some ideas on how they can take those photos at home. If you’ve got some experience on this or even if you just have some tips and ideas for beginner photographers, this would be a great video to film.

26. Christmas life hacks

You could also share a video on Christmas life hacks that make your life easier, whether that’s cool ideas on how to decorate, how to hang decorations etc.

27. Come shopping with me for Christmas

Another great video to do around Christmas is a Come shop with me for Christmas in different stores. 

You could go to whatever shops you usually shop in, like Primark, Poundland, TK Maxx, whatever it may be for you, and just share what’s new in the shops, what you like in the shops at the moment and what you would pick for yourself or for gifts.

28. Christmas prep with me

You could also do a Christmas prep with me video. This is where you share how you get ready for Christmas day, maybe what you try to prepare in advance, what you buy for food, for decor, for your Christmas table etc.

29. Christmas Eve or day vlog

Another video to film is a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day vlog, where you share traditions, you share that cosy atmosphere etc. That would be such a nice festive video to film.

30. Festive makeup looks

If you are into makeup, you could share some festive makeup looks. 

Maybe you could share a sparkly eyeshadow look or a special red lipstick, or anything that makes your look a bit more festive for the holidays or for a Christmas party. 

31. What I got for Christmas

After Christmas, you could also share a video on What I got for Christmas. 

This is a really popular video where people share the gifts that they received and it’s really nice because they give you ideas on what you could buy next year for people you love.

Those are my 31 Christmas video ideas for YouTube for this year for you. 

Are you doing Vlogmas this year?

Or planning some festive videos to share? 

31 Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube for Vlogmas 2021

Let me know in the comments below which video you’re planning to film!

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