The Metal Ring Bag Trend | 3 Alternatives to the Chloe Bag

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My Instagram feed (and I’m guessing yours too, if you follow any fashion bloggers) has been filled in the last few months with the new Chloe bag design, which I believe is the designer bag that pretty much introduced the whole metal ring trend. I don’t follow all trends, but this is one of those trends that I’ve been swooning over. I’m not sure what exactly it is about this bag design, but everyone seems to love it as well, so I know I’m not alone.

I also posted here an outfit with this bag, if you’d like to get some styling ideas.


However, if I were to follow all designer trends that I love, I would most certainly be broke. So I decided to look into the high-street stores and see if I can find anything similar. I was actually not surprised to see that a lot of stores have incorporated the metal-ring trend into their pieces. I’ve put together a list of three stores that have really lovely metal-ring bags and that I particularly like. And on the plus side, these are definitely not going to make you break the bank in order to get them. I chose mine from Pull & Bear, in the light pink shade, and I absolutely love it. I also added a little fluffy grey key-chain to the bag (also a current trend that I’m only now jumping into) – I got the key-chain from H&M.  

Here are three budget-friendly alternatives to the Chloe bag:

PULL & BEAR:  Black  |  Brown  |  Pink 

MANGO:  Black   Pastel Pink

ASOS:  Black


So there you have it… if you’ve been lusting over the Chloe bag like I have, then you can still incorporate the metal ring bag trend into your wardrobe with these budget-friendly options.  

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