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baby products i regret buying

As a first time mom, I wanted to buy ALL the best things for my baby. And in the process I realized there are a bunch of them I actually didn’t need or didn’t end up using. Here are the baby products I regret buying. 

1. Intricate baby outfits Anything from newborn shirts to constricting jeans (I think they’re ok if they’re a more flexible fabric). In the first months I mainly used baby grows, onesies, simple things that you just change quickly, because as new babies they will spit up a lot and have blow outs, so you want to make the changes quick and easy for both of you.

2. Baby mittens My baby hated these, he hated swaddling or having his hand movement restricted in any way. If you want to avoid scratching, you can just cut their nails really short and that will work just fine. I read that it’s actually now recommended NOT to put baby mittens on them all the time, because babies actually use their hands to feel around and learn about the outside world. Textures, fabrics, their own face and feet. It helps with development and having their hands covered at all times is not advised.

3. Baby shoes Very cute idea, so adorable in your Instagram feed, but completely unnecessary. We got a few as gifts, but in all fairness – we never used them. In my opinion, until they’re walking they don’t really need shoes, so just save yourself that money.

4. Jumper on door frame We got this as a hand-me-down, but never used it. For one, setting it up would probably deteriorate your wall/door frame (depending on the type) and two – it’s quite dangerous because they can easily bounce their little heads into the door frame. 

5. Huge bath tub for baby You’re definitely gonna regret a super big bath tub for the baby since it can get so, so heavy. We did use this for the first few months, but I completely regret not getting a smaller, easier one. It would have been much more convenient. And it was very hard to move it on my own, especially after having a c-section, so I always had to have my husband or someone help me with it.

6. Baby q-tips I did buy a few of these before having my baby, but I soon after found out that they’re not recommended to use since babies are so wriggly. Q-tips can actually cause accidents even if they’re “the special baby kind”. I didn’t end up using them after I found that out. Apparently it can also push the wax further down in their ear and cause build-up, therefore further problems. What I do is I just towel dry his little ears and that works just fine.  

7. Breast pads that heat up or can be put in the freezer   They’re technically a good idea to help with soreness and pain, but I didn’t really use them that much. I just used a damp towel and I actually didn’t reach for these too often. 8. Steamer   When you’re preparing to introduce solids, you’re “supposed” to buy a steamer. Well the one we had was a quite bulky one with three levels – so unnecessary. It was quite a lot to clean up and it took so much space in our kitchen. Plus it’s not the cheapest thing, considering we only used it for baby food and we never used it otherwise.  I found out afterwards that you can use a simple steamer insert from Ikea, so I would have much rather had that – a lot cheaper, takes up less space and you might also use in the future.

9. Mesh feeder   This got really hard to clean, especially after using things like banana in it. Even in the dishwasher, it wouldn’t clean up that well. I much preferred the silicone ones.

10. Bath chair   This is actually a personal preference, but my baby hated it. I’m not entirely sure why, but he just seemed uncomfortable and wanted to get out whenever I tried using it. Instead, we just got a bath mat from Munchkin and that works really well, he doesn’t slip at all.

11. Bath toys with holes in them   This to me just doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s a huge design flaw since these toys will obviously get moldy super fast because water gets trapped in there. Now I just buy ones without any holes in them. However, I learned this hack from my friend Kinga that you can use a hot glue gun for that hole and keep using the toys. I haven’t tried that myself yet, but it might be worth a try.

12. Socks without grips on the bottom   These are fine in the beginning months, but once they start walking, it is so much easier for them to have grippy socks, because otherwise they slip everywhere. They’re already not too steady on their feet in the first weeks of walking, so anything that can help them be more secure is worth it.

13. Shoes with laces   I find the velcro ones to be so much easier and faster to put on. Not too much fuss and you’re out and about in no time.

Okay, those are the things that I didn’t end up using for my baby and wish I would’ve just skipped.   I feel like buying too much stuff for your first baby is like a rite of passage for every pregnant mom to go through. Even if you find yourself in that situation, make sure to donate them to other people who might use them.

I also did a post all about toddler must have products if you’d like to know some good ones you should try.

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