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50 Toddler Activity Ideas for Rainy Days

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50 toddler activity ideas for rainy days
Entertaining a toddler at home all day is never an easy task, is it? Today I’m sharing 50 rainy day activity ideas you can do with your toddlers or kids to keep boredom at bay.
Hopefully these will keep you both happy (and sane!) while spending an entire day at home. 
For some of these ideas you might need a few things to buy, but for most of them you probably already have at home what you need. For more details on some of these activities, you can also watch the video that I’ve put below.
You can download your free checklist of activities here and read below for more info on each activity.
    1. Have some “dirt” play with construction cars and rice in tupperware containers.
    2. Play-dough animal shapes. Making different animals out of play dough together is always fun.
    3. Build a blanket fort
    4. Build an obstacle course for bigger push cars.
    5. Cheerios on a stick
    6. Train tracks
    7. Get finger puppets and put on a little show for them.
    8. Dress up their dolls or stuffed animals. Pick hats, socks, t-shirts from your toddler’s closet and dress teddy bear to impress. They always get a good laugh out of it.
    9. Water play with cups (in the bath)
    10. Cook together, let them help out. I let my toddler pour porridge oats into a bowl, stir an egg etc. He loves it!
    11. Ask them to help dust furniture.
    12. Ask them to help put on laundry.
    13. Wash their shoes together. Get a stool, fill the sink with water and foam some soap. Give them a brush or a cloth and have fun.
    14. Wash their car toys or any other plastic toys. Make a fun “car wash” out of it.
    15. Read books. So simple, but they really enjoy it.
    16. Go splash in muddy puddles if it’s not raining too hard outside. Channel your inner Peppa Pig and have fun together.
    17. Reorganize their toys – pull out everything in the middle of the room and go through them together. It’s a good time to declutter too.
    18. Look outside the window together. Bird watch or point out objects you can see.
    19. Make ramps for cars. You can use a cardboard, boxes or paper towel rolls.
    20. Make car bridges out of paper.
    21. Stick paint inside a clear ziplock bag and tape it to a window, so that they can fingerpaint without the mess. 
    22. Good old colouring book and easy-grip crayons
    23. Portable chalk drawing board
    24. Finger paint with watercolour
    25. Paint with water on coloured paper. 
    26. Sticker books
    27. Moonsand or kinetic sand
    28. Build an animal farm for them and role play being the farmer
    29. Tie a string from two objects and let them play hanging clothes with clothes pins.
    30. Make a pizza together – buy the dough to make it easier, let them spread the toppings.
    31. Play bowling with a ball and some toys arranged at the other end of them room.
    32. Building blocks – build a castle, a bridge etc.
    33. Practice cutting together – get a kids knife that’s not sharp, try cutting fruit or bread together.
    34. Have a dance party
    35. Flashcards
    36. Workout together. Try jumping jacks, push-ups etc. They will love it.
    37. Play hide and seek
    38. Play hide and seek with toys. Hide their teddy behind the curtains and pretend like you can’t find it.
    39. Sing Sleeping Bunnies song and act it out. You can find these on youtube if you’re not sure how to do that.
    40. Ring around the rosey song
    41. London bridge is falling down song
    42. Head, shoulders, knees and toes song
    43. Box with crayons. Get your latest Amazon box and give them some crayons to go wild with that.
    44. Box tunnel. Open up both ends of the box and make a tunnel out of it.
    45. Scavenger hunt for objects or toys around the home.
    46. Jump on the bed together
    47. Make paper airplanes
    48. Tape some toys to a cardboard/oven tray and let them try to unstick them.
    49. Stick masking tape on the floor to make car roads.
    50. Fuzzy straws through bowl

    I hope you found some inspiration in these rainy day activity ideas. What are some of your favourite things to do at home with your little ones?

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