Simple Passive Plan

The 10 step plan to consistent passive income with small digital products. 

Taking you from a little idea – all the way to setting up an automated system for selling your digital product passively.
A self-paced course that gives you everything you need in this process, while keeping it SIMPLE.

Blogging Secrets Course

The insider scoop on exactly how to start a money-making blog and live your dream life. The complete step by step course to help you start your blog on the right track, grow your audience and monetise it successfully.

Youtubeflix Course

The step by step course on how to become that successful, bingeable YouTuber. Learn everything you need to know about creating a community of people who love watching your videos and keep coming back for more. Plus learn how to *finally* start making money on YouTube.

Insta Glow Up Kit

The course you need to create consistently, grow and make money on Instagram. Learn exactly how to find that magical “niche”, how to grow an audience that’s excited to hear from you, how to show up confidently and consistently and how to monetise your efforts.


*THE* masterclass where I show you how I grew my Instagram from stagnating at 7k to over 80k followers in just one month. My case study and entire strategy.

Organised Business Plan

Learn how to simplify and streamline your process so that you can achieve that dreamy business without overwhelm. Content creation doesn’t have to be so hard.

Blogging Secrets Ebook

Not ready for a full on course? Then this ebook is for you! Learn how to start a successful blog and how to monetise it. Complete with insider scoop on exactly how I monetise my own blog. Making a full time income blogging is totally doable. Learn all things Pinterest, Google, SEO, plugins, money – all in a simple format.

Productivity & Organisation Masterclass

Get access to two of my most popular lessons inside my courses (Insta Glow Up Kit and Blogging Secrets course) and learn all about: how to be more productive in your online business, stay organised and create an effective content calendar.


10 Bright Airy Bestsellers Lightroom Presets

Get an aesthetic Instagram feed easily with this pack of 10 Bright Bestseller Presets. It includes the bestseller packs of: Soft Beige and Browns presets.

50 Influencer Essentials Lightroom Presets

Get an aesthetic Instagram feed easily with this pack of 50 Influencer Essentials Presets. It includes the following packs of presets: Soft Beige, Browns, Natural, Cream, Dreamy, Rose Gold, Honey, Coffee, Teal/Orange, Autumn.