15 Newborn Mum Hacks You Need To Know

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As a new mum, life can be overwhelming sometimes. Here are 15 newborn mum hacks (or baby mum hacks) that might make your life a little bit easier while you’re trying to figure things out with your new precious baby.

If you have a newborn or a tiny baby these hacks will be really helpful (at least I think so). Some of these hacks apply even to older babies or toddlers, so I think any mum should know these.  

Whether you would like to know some diaper hacks (including how to know when to change diaper size), some bottle feeding and formula hacks, diaper bag hacks or stroller hacks, then keep on reading.

15 newborn mom hacks you need to know

15 Newborn Mum Hacks You Need To Know

1. Put Onesie Over Newborn’s Hands When Changing A Dirty Diaper

When they’re really small, you can get away with this hack in order to prevent them from getting their hands into the dirty diaper. Simply pull the bottom part of the onesie on top of their hands and that should do the trick.  

2. Diaper Hacks

Diapers have butterfly edges, so make sure you pull those out when you put it on your baby. These help prevent leakage and blowouts. Also, most diapers have a stripe down the middle that is a wetness indicator.

When the diaper is clean the line should be yellow, but when the diaper gets dirty the line will turn blue. It helps to know when you need to change them.

diaper butterfly mom hacks

3. When To Change Diaper Size

There are two indicators that you should move up one size.

1 – If your baby starts having a lot more blowouts or leakage than usual, it could mean the diaper is simply to small for them.

2 – If your baby’s tummy has a lot of lines and marks when you take the diaper off, it means it’s too snug for them, so you need to go up a size.  

4. How To Get Baby To Take A Pacifier

If you want your baby to accept a pacifier and he’s reluctant to do so, try dipping the pacifier in his milk (breastmilk or any type of milk) and offer it that way. They might have more incentive to take the pacifier, so it’s worth giving this a try.  

5. Check Milk Temperature On Your Wrist

It’s the best spot to check the temperature. It should not feel too warm or too cold, but kinda neutral, since milk is supposed to be pretty much your body temperature.  

6. Clipping Nails Of A Newborn

Clip their nails when they’re asleep, but make sure you get the timing right. It’s best to wait a bit after they’re fallen asleep to do this (15-20 minutes). That should ensure that they’re in a deeper sleep and won’t wake up when you’re cutting their nails.

7. Use Ice Cube Tray & Ziploc Bags For Baby Food

You can freeze baby food in an ice cube tray. After it’s frozen, take he cubes out, put them in a ziploc bag and store them in the freezer that way. They take up less space and you get to reuse your ice cube tray afterwards.

ice cube tray hack for baby food new mom hacks

8. How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap

Most babies will develop cradle cap because their skin is getting used to the outside world (outside of the womb). What you can do to help them it use a cradle cap cream, apply it to the spots you see, leave it for a bit and then use a special comb to get all the bits off of their heads. It works really well, even though you need to repeat the process a few times until it completely goes away.  

9. Nose Frida For Stuffy Nose

The Nose Frida is the best thing I’ve found to relieve a baby’s snotty nose. I tried a little pump, but it wasn’t efficient enough. I also tried one of those tubes that attach to your vacuum, but that seemed intimidating and my baby hated the vacuum at first, so I didn’t end up using it.

Nose Frida is the perfect one for us – it’s a tube that you use with your mouth to suck the snots out of your baby’s tiny nose (don’t worry, it has a filter so it’s not gross in any way). It works very well!

nosefrida snot sucker for baby newborn mom hacks

10. The Best Invention Ever For Mums – The Baby Carrier

It is the one most useful thing I’ve ever bought for my baby. It is awesome for the baby because they feel really secure and loved in there, strapped to your chest.

They can take naps, watch you carry on with your day etc. AND it allows you to have two free hands to get stuff done. I would cook, clean,  blog, do pretty much anything around the house with my baby in the carrier.

It is awesome and it makes your life so much easier, so I would definitely recommend getting one if you’re a new mum.  

11. Formula Dispenser – Both For Travel AND At Home

If you use formula, this will help so much. We got a dispenser with three little containers and it was super handy. It was very convenient when traveling, but also at home. We would fill it up with portions for all throughout the night (for example) and then when you wake up at night to get their milk, you can make it so much faster. I would often wake up groggy in the middle of the night and try to make my baby’s milk. And as I was pouring scoops of formula, at some point I would think “Did I put enough scoops?”or “Did I put too many scoops?”. This hack makes it so much easier.  

12. If Your Baby Hates Tummy Time

Try to encourage tummy time by laying yourself down and placing the baby on your chest. That will help them feel more safe and secure and will give them a chance to practice.  

13. The Clothes-Burrito

Before putting your baby’s change of clothes in your diaper bag, roll them up and place a sock on each end of the clothes-burrito.

This will make the spare clothes take up less space in your diaper bag, plus it will be easier to find them when you’re looking for them in your bag.

roll up clothes for saving space in your diaper bag

14. Add A Resealable Bag In Your Diaper Bag

You never know when you’ve got a massive explosion to handle and you need to put all the dirty clothes somewhere until you get home to wash them. Just put them in your resealable bag that you packed in your diaper bag and you’re good to go.

ikea resealable bags

15. Use A Universal Hook On The Stroller For Your Shopping Bags

You can buy these universal stroller hooks that are a game changer when you go shopping. It’s so convenient to have a place to put all of your bags. You can also get other add-ons for your stroller, like a cup holder (super handy as well).

stroller hook for grocery bags new mom hacks

 Those are all of my hacks for new mums and newborns. You might also find interesting this toddler/baby must-have products post I did.   I also did a video on this if you’re interested:

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