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Levi's logo t-shirt outfit with jeans

Happy Wednesday! Today I’ve got a casual logo t-shirt outfit to share with you. I posted yesterday on my Instagram a bit about slowing down and I thought I would share it here too, because we all need a reminder sometimes.

Kids teach us to slow down. And it’s amazing actually! 

Yesterday we went to the grocery store. I had my list ready, toddler in tow and ready to go. He is usually quite content sitting in the shopping cart and chatting while we do the food shop.⁣ But on this particular day he was not into that. He wanted me to get him out and then he sprinted straight to the toy aisle. My first instinct was to convince him to get back into the cart so that we can buy, pay and go. ⁣

I quickly realized we were actually not in a hurry at all. The store was not busy yet since it was quite early in the morning and we could take our time. So we played for about an hour in that aisle, looking at all the toys, giving them names and laughing at silly faces. ⁣ He then sat happily in the cart while I actually did the food shop and it was lovely. Sometimes they need that connection and then they’re so much more content. ⁣

We should all slow down a bit sometimes. More often than not, we’re not in such a big hurry as we might think. ⁣

Levi's t-shirt casual outfit

As far as my outfit goes, I’m so excited to start dropping some layers now that it’s finally spring. I tried to go for that casual-chic look we all love. I love combining something casual (like jeans and a tee) with something that kinda elevates your outfit a bit, like a blazer.

T-shirt: Levi’s | Jeans: New Yorker | Blazer: Reserved

casual logo t-shirt outfit with jeans

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3 thoughts on “Casual Logo T-Shirt Outfit | WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY”

  1. Slowing down is so good! This warm spring weather has encouraged me to slow down and enjoy some time outside after work. It's been lovely. I agree that so often when we slow down, we find there was no reason to be in a hurry!
    This is a great chic casual look. I love the classic vibe of the Levis tee. Thanks for hosting!

  2. This is such a good reminder! I am so strict with my time that you'd think I am super productive and while I have those days, most of the time I want to just get in and get out. I love that you and your little guy was able to spend some quality time together and also have fun. Those moments are priceless. This outfit is perfect for the upcoming season. It is practical yet so chic.

    Maureen |

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