How to Make an Easy DIY Jewelry Box

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How to create easy DIY jewelry box

If you’re looking for the easiest EVER jewelry box DIY that you can make with items you probably already own – you’ve come to the right place.

Today I’m sharing a super quick and simple to do jewelry box that only requires a few household items or things you can buy for very cheap at stores like the Dollar Tree (if you’re in the US) or Poundland (if you’re in the UK).

A jewelry box like this will help you keep those earrings or rings organised, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

You know that moment when you find one earring, but not the other one?

Well put those days behind you with this cute jewelry box.

Let’s get started!

How to create an easy DIY jewelry box

STEP 1: Grab an empty box

Any box of your choice will work for this. You can get whatever size or style you prefer.

You could use an old shoebox that you can upcycle and decorate on the outside. Or you can just buy a simple storage box like this one.

jewelry storage hack

STEP 2: Get rubber dish cloths

You can buy a pack of rubber dish cloths at grocery stores or homeware shops. These will hold their shape quite well and they’re not slippery either.

The colour of the cloths doesn’t really matter, as you will be covering them anyway.

The number of dish cloths you will need depends on the size of your box.

You will also need to take out your scrissors and some tape.

DIY jewelry box using shoebox and dish cloths

STEP 3: Cut the dish cloths to fit

You will need to grab your scissors and cut the dish cloths in order to make sure they fit inside the box horizontally.

STEP 4: Roll each cloth and place in the box

Take one cloth, roll it up and use the tape to fix it on one end. Just so that it doesn’t unroll while you work with it.

Then starting at the top, place each roll inside the box like this:

jewelry storage hack

STEP 5: Grab a piece of fabric

Get a piece of fabric that you like. It can be an old bed sheet or it can be something new you can get for cheap at a store.

It does need to be a bit bigger in size than your box, as it will go all around the dish cloths.

Grab the fabric and place it on top of the rolled cloths. I used a nail file to get the ends to stick in.

Handmade DIY jewelry box

STEP 6: Place your jewelry inside

And voila!

Now all you have to do is place your pretty jewelry inside and admire your masterpiece!

How to create easy DIY jewelry box

I enjoyed making this DIY project and am super happy with how organised it looks.

You can definitely fit in a lot more jewelry than I pictured, but I just quickly placed some random ones for the purpose of this blog post.   

How do you store your jewelry?

Let me know if you have any other storage ideas!

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