7 Tips for a Successful Day Out with Kids

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7 tips for a successful day out with kids

Spring is finally here, which means more outings with our little ones. I thought today I would share with you 7 tips for a successful day out with kids.

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I think this year more than ever before we are excited for a new season, warm weather and new beginnings. If you’re anything like us, we’ve got a list full of places we want to see and things we want to do this spring and summer.

One thing I like to do whenever we get ready to head out for our next adventure is prepare a bit in advance.

Because there are lots of small things you can do that will make the whole day go smoother and be more enjoyable for the entire family.

Let’s get into the tips that will help you have a fun day together!

7 Tips for a Successful Day Out with Kids

1. Pack a first aid kit

Whenever I go out and forget this at home, I always end up regretting it. A simple first aid kit is immensely helpful in dealing with those small wounds that need quick care before you can carry on your adventure.

You don’t need anything fancy. Here is what is currently in our first aid kit:

  • Kids plasters – we love the dinosaurs ones.
  • Antiseptic spray – I spray this quickly on the wound to disinfect it before applying a plaster.
  • Hand sanitiser – I always sanitise my hands before I care for any small injury.

We’ve been using the Safe and Sound products for nearly a year and their plasters are my son’s absolute favourite.

Whenever he has an accident now, he barely cries because he knows he will get a dinosaur plaster on it to make it feel all better. Safe and Sound also have the cutest range of Unicorns and princesses plasters, as well as some in a clear transparent material.

The plasters are water-resistant, so I never have to worry about them coming off.

They are gentle on my little one’s skin and they are flexible and comfortable, so he never complains about any discomfort when he has them on.

first aid kit must haves for toddlers safe and sound

2. Pack a picnic (lunch, snacks, water)

If you’re a parent you already know: regardless if you go out for an entire day or just a quick trip to the supermarket, you need snacks for your little ones. Snacks are such life-savers, aren’t they?

Depending on your outing, you might need to pack a full lunch picnic for the entire family, or just some snacks for the kiddos. One thing I like to pack most of the time with us is muffins. I bake a batch the morning before heading out and they go down a treat.

And don’t tell anyone, but I sneak in things like carrots, spinach, apples, bananas, any fruit I have on hand. They barely notice and they get in some extra nutrition!

One other thing to remember is a water bottle, especially as it gets warmer outside.

3. Plan around nap times

If your little one is still little enough to take naps, try to plan your outings around their naps.

You can either try to head out right after their nap, or plan the car trip so that they nap on the car ride there. Or you could also just take a buggy or stop somewhere on a picnic blanket to give them a little rest.

Avoiding that overtried cranky mood is going to ensure you have a much more enjoyable day.

4. Consider if you need to take a buggy

It’s always helpful to think about the distance you’re about to walk.

If it’s a bit much for little legs, you might want to take a buggy with you, so they can just hop on when they get too tired.

7 tips for a successful day out with kids

5. Make a treasure hunt sheet before you leave

This is something I recently started doing more and more with my 3 year old and he absolutely loves it.

We create or print a treasure hunt sheet with objects, flowers, animals or anything you will likely see on your day out. And I also pack a pencil or crayon for him, so that he can check things off his list as we find them.

You can do really simple things that you will likely find anywhere you go, like: leaf, stone, flower, bird, pinecone etc.

It’s so much fun for them and it gets them excited to keep going on their adventure to find all the things on their list.

6. Check the weather before you go

I always have a look at the weather forecast before we head out.

It might be sunny now, but it doesn’t hurt to pack a raincoat if a drizzle is announced later on in the day.

7. Less expectations

The way to enjoy outings more is to have less expectations. When we put less pressure on things to go perfectly and just go with the flow, we have a much better time.

Especially when you go out with little ones, it can be so unpredictable. But one thing you can control is your attitude towards what happens around you.

Less expectations will make for a much happier day! 🙂

7 tips for a successful day out with kids

There you have my 7 tips for a successful day out with kids. I hope you found it helpful!

How do you prepare when you head out on an adventure with little ones?

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