7 Ways to Prepare for an Outdoor Adventure with a Toddler

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7 Ways to prepare for an outdoor adventure with toddlers

Want to know how to prepare for an outdoor adventure with a toddler? Keep on reading!

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Summer is a wonderful time for toddlers. They get lots of outdoor time, water play, nature walks and adventures that become beautiful memories.

This also means that us, parents, need to be prepared for all those minor grazes and scratches, so that they don’t get in the way of those joyful days.

There are quite a few things we can do to prepare for a nature walk, which will make the whole day go smoother, will help keep tantrums at bay and keep everyone happy.

Today I am sharing with you 7 ways to prepare for an outdoor adventure with a toddler.

How to prepare for an outdoor adventure with a toddler

Safe and Sound Health plasters how to use

1. Get a first aid kit

Summer + shorts + running = hurt knees. It’s just inevitable. At one point or another they will get those grazes that need a bit of care before we can carry on with the day.

What I currently pack in my first aid kit is:

  • kids’ plasters
  • antiseptic spray
  • hand sanitiser (for parents before treating any wound)
  • clean dry tissue (to pat dry if needed)
  • gentle wet wipes (in case they fall in dirt and need a quick clean)

Our favourite plasters at the moment – especially my toddler’s favourite ones – are these cute dinosaur plasters for children from Safe and Sound Health.

How to treat wound grazes in kids with Safe and Sound

They’ve got good grip, stick on really well and they are square shaped, which makes them easier to apply. They are also hypoallergenic, which is great if your little one needs a plaster that’s a bit more gentle on their sensitive skin.

They have a plasters range with various characters, from robots and dinosaurs to mermaids and unicorns.

My toddler suddenly stops crying when I tell him a dinosaur is going to help his knee feel all better.

I always use antiseptic spray before applying the plaster as well, to make sure the area is clean. I used to use a gel product, but I found it a bit messy and harder to apply. The spray is so much quicker and it didn’t seem to sting at all, as my little V didn’t complain about it at all.

How to treat wound grazes in kids with Safe and Sound

2. Pack snacks

Depending on how long of an adventure you are heading on, you might need to pack just a few snacks, or an entire cupboard of snacks. Toddler mums will relate, I’m sure! 🙂

Keeping snacks on hand is great because it keeps those little tummies full and avoids a hunger tantrum.

We like to pack things like: crackers, mini-sandwiches, cut up fruit (in a container), homemade muffins or anything else I have on hand that transports well.

3. Don’t forget water

It is so important to stay hydrated, especially on a hot summer day. I always make sure to pack plenty of water, as I find my toddler drinks so much more when we are off on a walk – with good reason.

4. Pack a change of clothes

I have made this mistake before: not packing a change of clothes. And let me tell you, that is exactly the moment they will get incredibly messy or wet in a big puddle they find.

I now keep spare clothes in my bag or backpack and I’m at peace that I can always change him if needed. I include: top, bottoms, socks and underpants (or you can pack nappies if you are not at the potty training stage yet).

5. Consider appropriate clothes and shoes

I always look at the weather forecast before heading anywhere. It might be sunny now, but you never know when full on rain is on the way – especially in England.

I also make sure to pack appropriate footwear, obviously – trainers for hikes or longer walks, slides for the beach etc.

6. Don’t forget sunscreen and hat

Even on a cloudy day, the sun can still be damaging. We use SPF 50 sunscreen and we make sure to pack a hat in case the sun is shining bright. Now that my toddler is a bit older, he also loves wearing sunglasses, which help keep his little eyes protected too.

7. Prepare them in advance

I try to prepare my toddler wherever we are going by telling him a little bit about what we’re going to see, where we are heading, how we are going to get there (car, train, walk with the stroller) etc.

I find that giving my toddler a heads up and letting him know what we are about to do really helps him feel more secure, confident and more excited. At this age they don’t have a lot of control over their days, so keeping them in the loop and giving them a bit of control over choices here and there really helps them feel better – hence, they are less likely to have tantrums if they feel understood and valued.

7 Ways to prepare for an outdoor adventure with toddlers

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These are the 7 ways to prepare for an outdoor adventure with a toddler – which we find really help make the day better and flow easier.

What do you usually pack for a day out?

What are your adventure essentials?

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