Month 4 Blog Growth Report: 6,754 pageviews

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month 4 blog growth report analytics and strategy

This is my month 4 blog growth report for you, to hopefully motivate you to grow your own blog. I’m sharing exactly what strategies I’m using to grow mine.

Even though I didn’t post as much as I did last month, my pageviews have doubled again. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was sure they were going to drop this month. Let’s see exactly what I did this month and what worked.

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I don’t know about you, but I have read tons of content on the topic of blogging and how to grow a blog.

And while all stories are inspiring, the ones that share their analytics and exactly what strategies they used to grow – those helped me the most.

I want to give that back and share my own process in the hopes that it inspires you too.

1. Analytics

My Google Analytics for this month look very encouraging, especially in comparison to the previous month. I have reached 6,754 pageviews for the month of December.

google analytics monthly how to grow a blog

This is what last month’s analytics looked like, for reference. I had 3,157 pageviews in November.

google analytics monthly how to grow a blog

Here’s my progress so far:

My bounce rate keeps fluctuating around 70%, but I’m hoping my strategy with creating series of posts on different topics will help with that in the future months.

I mentioned last month as well, that I have also incorporated a Related Posts plugin that’s supposed to help with getting my bounce rate lower.

If you’re confused as to what bounce rate is, it’s how quickly people leave your blog after they’ve clicked on it. Obviously, the lower the bounce rate, the better.

how to grow your blog pageviews and gain blog traffic fast

Email subscribers

I started my email list with ConvertKit in October (two months ago) and last month I reached around 300 subscribers.

Update: Since writing this blog post, I have decided to switch from Convertkit to Flodesk. If you would like to know why, I wrote a whole blog post about it.

The freebies for Instagram that I posted were doing quite well, which were some of the incentives I used in order to grow my email list.

But I was not expecting the results for this month. My email list grew to 1,066 subscribers this month and I honestly could not believe it. A lot of people appreciated the freebies that I was sharing and I definitely attribute part of my pageviews growth to the email list too.

Whenever I send out a newsletter email, I get an influx of pageviews for that day.

how to start and grow an email list for blog marketing

I am so pleased with this growth and as part of my strategy for next month, I will be adding another free lightroom preset that I created and use a lot.

If I’ve learned something from my journey online (with Youtube and blogging), it’s that when something is working – double up or triple up on that!

So when I notice that one of my posts is doing well, getting lots of pageviews or getting shared a lot on social media – I know it’s time to create another one on that topic.

For example, when I noticed this Toddler Capsule Wardrobe post was getting a lot of attention, I created an updated one for the fall season. It truly helps to have linked content like that. Hope it makes sense.

2. Pinterest

Last month on Pinterest I had 96.64k viewers. This month I noticed quite a bit of growth. My reach has gone up to 148.27k monthly viewers.

pinterest monthly analytics how to grow a blog

Again, as I mentioned in the previous reports, that does NOT mean that all those people came to my blog. Only a fraction of that number usually do go to your blog. But growing your Pinterest account really helps drive more blog traffic.

The pins for my freebies got a lot of attention on Pinterest this month, as well as this post: 10 Best Canva Font Pairings for Pinterest.

I am creating about 2-3 pin graphics for each blog post and I share them a bit more than I used to.

I have joined about 10 group boards, which help get new eyes over on my content. But I know I need to step it up even more in this area.

I am still manually pinning though and it is quite a tedious work if you ask me. I find myself not being super consistent with it…because life just gets in the way of being on Pinterest daily pinning new content.

I am planning to get Tailwind to help with this next month. It is a scheduler tool that basically pins for you and helps you boost your account. I will give it a go and report back next month to share if it helps.

3. Number of posts

I did decently with my goal of posting consistently this month. I published 5 blog posts. It’s not really a lot, but at least it’s consistent.

how to start and grow a blog in 2020

I’ve also been working on my next series of posts, hence the lack of a huge amount of posts this month. Those will be rolling out in January though, so I’m hoping they will help increase my numbers slowly.

4. Strategies I used

Alright, let’s see what I wrote at the beginning of the month and if I followed up on all these goals I had for December:

  • Post consistently. – I did post 5 times, so I think that’s quite alright.
  • Start planning the next series of posts. – Yep, I did and I already started writing those.
  • Create three posts containing blog post ideas. – Yes, I’ve posted all three: 100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas, 100 Mom Blog Post Ideas, 100 Fashion Blog Post Ideas. These are part of my strategy of creating a series of interlinked posts.
  • Join 5-10 group boards on Pinterest. – Yes, I have joined 10 group board, finally.
  • Carry on with SEO checklists, sharing on socials and creating 2-3 pin graphics for each post. – I did my best with all of these too.

5. Goals for next month

For the month of January 2020 I have planned the following:

how i doubled my blog traffic fast

Do let me know if you found my month 4 blog growth report helpful. And if you’d like to see more.

How are you growing your blog?

What strategies do you plan on using this month?

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