H&M Spring Haul | Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022

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What’s new in H&M for spring 2022? Let’s have a look at the H&M spring collection and some spring staple items I got for my capsule wardrobe this year.

I’ve got to share with you today a few things I got in H&M, as well as ASOS for spring. 

This haul is very much spring inspired. It’s still got quite a few neutrals, because – if you know me –  you know I just love my neutrals. 

And I like that neutral vibe when I’m creating my capsule wardrobe. 

Mainly because it’s really easy if it inspires this sense of calm, but also because if a lot of my wardrobe is a similar tone, then it’s really easy to pair everything together. 

I do get a few colours here and there in my wardrobe, but for the most part it’s neutrals. Love!

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK

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Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022: H&M and ASOS

Let’s go ahead and get started with what I picked for this year’s capsule wardrobe. I’m also going to share a few bits I picked in previous seasons that I’m still carrying on wearing – and I’ll link some super similar items for those.

This will be a mix of H&M and ASOS items.

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Mom Jeans

First of all I wanted to get some mom jeans

I didn’t actually own mom jeans. I think most of my pairs are skinny jeans, so I figured I would give the mom jeans a go. Very late to the party, but who cares – haha. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I have actually tried on a few mom jeans in H&M and a few other places and I either didn’t like the fabric, because it felt too heavy for spring or they were just so baggy on me. It just looked really ridiculous. 

I know mom jeans are supposed to be a bit more loose, but I just didn’t like the fit.

Then I actually found these gorgeous mom jeans. 

It’s a slim fit type of mom jean. It’s not skinny, obviously, but it is more of a straight fit. 

They look so cute on. I got this pair on ASOS, but they’re by Stradivarius. 

These jeans had really great reviews and I also really liked the lighter wash colour, which is perfect for spring in my opinion. 

It’s also not a super heavy fabric on you when you’re wearing them, so I really like that too. 

I got them in my usual size, UK 8 and they fit perfectly. 

I was nervous about the sizing, because obviously buying jeans is a tricky business, isn’t it. 

Buying jeans and buying bras – the two things I hate doing online. 

But these fit perfectly. 

They actually had these in a black as well and I’m contemplating going back online and buying the black version too, because they’re so comfy and they fit really well. 

It’s also a stretchy fabric, which I think is probably what makes them comfy. Love these mom jeans!

Blue Ribbed Leggings

Next up I got this pair of blue ribbed leggings.

I have been looking for leggings in a different shade other than my regular black ones, which I’m constantly wearing.

I wear leggings so much. I’m a mum, I work from home a lot, so I’m always wearing them, especially if I’m not going anywhere. 

So I wanted to get some pairs in a different shade. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I have a taupe pair of leggings that I got in my autumn capsule wardrobe, but I saw these blue ones and I thought this would be a really cute colour for spring. 

I would actually wear these as pants with an oversized t-shirt and some cute little trainers. 

I think that would be a really cute outfit for going to the park with my boy. 

These are supposed to be sportswear, like yoga leggings. But they are such a nice ribbed fabric. 

I actually might look to see if they have these leggings in other colours as well, because they’re just such a nice fabric and such a nice fit as well. 

Greige Sweatshirt

I got this greige sweatshirt that’s an absolute bargain. 

I really liked the colour, it’s this oatmeal shade. They call it greige on the website, so it’s a combination between grey and beige, which is right up my street. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


This little sweatshirt is a really nice fabric, it’s not super heavy, but it is fleecy inside which I love, because it just feels so cosy. 

They didn’t have it in my size, but I figured especially for things like this, it’s totally fine if it’s oversized at least in my opinion.

I love them oversized, so I got it in a size large and I think it looks great, especially with some leggings, trainers – that’s my go-to. 

Also this sweatshirt was only £9.99 – what a bargain. They also have this sweatshirt that’s super similar.

Casual Blue Sweatshirt

I also got this lovely blue sweatshirt

I love the colour and also the Self-Care Club quote on it. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I don’t have a sweatshirt in this colour and it’s just such a beautiful blue for spring. 

I was thinking I could wear it with leggings and trainers, my go-to combination. 

I got this one in a size small, but it is oversized anyway. It fits really nicely. 

Cream Hoodie

This cream hoodie has actually been in my capsule wardrobe since I got it in autumn and I wanted to include it in this post too because it will be great for spring too. 

I still wear it so much and they still have this hoodie on the H&M website. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I got this hoodie in a size small, but it is quite oversized and lovely. 

It’s got this little pocket in the front, it’s fleecy inside – which I love – and it’s just such a nice beige shade.

White t-shirt

Then I’ve got a few basic t-shirts to show you. I mean, t-shirts for spring – it’s a no-brainer. 

I just got some really basic ones to add to my t-shirt collection. 

I’ve got a really basic white t-shirt that I got last year, but they still have this on the website too. 

H&M spring Capsule Wardrobe White T-shirt Outfit ideas


I have worn this one so much because it just goes so great with everything: simple jeans, leggings, beige trousers and so much more. 

Greige t-shirt

This greige t-shirt is a little bit of an oversized fit like the white one. 

I think it would look really cute tucked into jeans or just over leggings, again. 

I really liked the greige shade of this too and this one was only £3.99 I think. They’ve got really good pricing on these basic pieces. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I got it in a size small, but again it is quite quite oversized anyway. Super cute!

White printed t-shirt

Next up I got this white ‘New York Jets’ printed t-shirt.

I had seen this one on instagram on a few people’s pages and I just love it so much. 

I don’t know what it is about it, but I just love it. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


It’s this really oversized t-shirt. I got mine in a size XS, but it’s still quite oversized. 

It says New York Jets in a dark green shade on it. It was a bit more pricey for a t-shirt, but really cute. 

I think this one tucked into those mom jeans would make such a cute outfit for spring.

Striped t-shirt

The last t-shirt that I got is this striped t-shirt.  

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I love stripes and again I would probably wear it either with the mom jeans or even with leggings. 

I think it would look really cute. This one’s not super oversized, maybe just a tiny bit. 

I got it in the size XS and it is quite a thin fabric, which I love for spring and summer.

Cream blazer

I also  want to show you this gorgeous cream blazer that’s such a staple for spring. Well for any season really. 

This is the exact blazer I have but it’s currently out of stock, so the previous link is a super similar one.

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


This is one thing that I’ve actually had in my wardrobe since autumn, but I’m going to wear it this season as well. 

This blazer is such a nice fit. It is a bit oversized, even though I got it in a size small. 

It’s a really lovely fabric as well.

I would actually wear this with leggings and a cute little crop top, just to style it down a bit and make it look a bit more casual. I really like that look, along with some trainers. 

Marl joggers

One other thing that is just really perfect for spring is a pair of joggers

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


These ones I have are in a grey marl type of colour and they are cuffed at the bottom.

They’re a little bit fleecy inside, which is really nice and comfy. 

I love wearing these with a little crop top and maybe a white shirt on top. 

White canvas trainers

I’ve also been wearing this a lot in spring: a pair of white canvas trainers. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I got these from H&M a while ago – maybe two years ago. 

But these are my trusty white little tennis shoes that are perfect for spring. 

Beige sports crop top

I also got this little beige sports crop top.

It’s kind of like a sports bra, but a bit longer so you could wear it as a crop top. 

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


I actually have some similar crop tops in two other colours and I love wearing them so much (I have the camel shade crop top and the black crop top).

I find them so flattering, so I got it in this beige shade too. 

One of the reasons why I really love these is because they are also padded, so you don’t need a bra underneath. Which means you also don’t need to worry about bra straps showing. 

I wear these like a regular top with maybe some high-waisted leggings or trousers and I think that’s a really cute look. 

Beige leggings

Then to go with that crop top I got the matching colour beige leggings.

H&M Spring Haul New in Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022 UK


These basic little sports leggings are so lovely.

If you throw on top a sweatshirt or a little shirt, I think that would look really cute.

Grey sports bralette

I also got this little grey bralette, a sporty one as well. 

I find these to be so comfy. Honestly, it has been a while since I have worn one of those underwire bras – I just hate those and I can’t wear them anymore. 


So I always go for comfy cute things like this. 

The reason why I got this one is because it’s got these cross straps in the back. 

And I figured these would be really good for those tops that have like a lower cut around the arms or have that racer back. 

Because then the straps wouldn’t show, if you know what I mean. 

I got it in a size M and it was from their activewear collection, but I would just wear it like a normal bra.

That concludes my spring haul from H&M and ASOS and my spring capsule wardrobe for 2022. What was your favourite piece?

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