How to Install Presets in Lightroom Mobile (Easiest Way)

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Lightroom presets are everywhere these days.

They help you achieve a beautiful and cohesive Instagram feed, which is what we all want when we’re trying to grow our Insta accounts.

Today I’m sharing the easiest way you can install these presets, so that you can start using them today.

This is a step by step guide, super easy to follow – especially for beginners.

With image instructions to help you out.

Let’s do this!

how to install lightroom presets on mobile app with free preset

If you are new around here, I have created 4 free presets that I’m sharing here on my blog.

So if you wanted to give your Instagram feed a makeover completely free, you can get my presets here:

I now also have over 15 sets of presets that I think you will love.


1. Download the preset on your phone. It will usually be a .dng file.

2. Open the Lightroom Mobile app.

3. Tap the photo button at the bottom right corner to open up a new photo.

4. Choose the .dng file that you have downloaded.

5. Once that photo is imported, tap on it and then the three dots on the top right corner of your screen (pictured below).

6. Choose Create Preset.

step by step how to install lightroom presets on mobile

7. Title this preset with whatever you prefer.

8. Hit the check symbol to save the preset.

9. All done! Now you will find this preset when you go into the User Presets in your app.

step by step how to install lightroom presets on mobile

If you struggle with any of this, do feel free to let me know and maybe I can help out.

I also have my own Bright Minimal Lightroom preset that you can download for FREE.

It is a beautiful one that will make your photos bright and airy for an awesome Instagram aesthetic.

It works perfectly for portraits, flatlays, urban scenery, travel photos and more.

You can download it here.

If you use this preset, don’t forget to tag me (@madeline1f) in your photos so that I can check out your beautiful insta feeds.

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30 thoughts on “How to Install Presets in Lightroom Mobile (Easiest Way)”

  1. MY light room app looks a bit different than the one is your photos. I am having a hard time finding where the download is and how to get into my lightroom.

    1. Hi, Kelsey! You will need to upload it into your Lightroom app like you would regularly with any photo. If you’d like, you can email me some screenshots of where you’re having trouble with it and I can help out 🙂 xx

  2. It seems I can’t download a ding file? Why’s that? I have a MacBook Air and an iPhone:)
    -Chloe Jill

    1. Hi Chloe,
      It should work on iPhone/Mac too. If you’re still having trouble, email me at contact @ and I will re-send you the presets 🙂

  3. Hi, I don’t know which Lightroom app to use because all them that I download require monthly subscriptions. Do you know which don’t? I’m using an iPhone.

  4. I have a problem, the preset downloads like a tiff file so LR can’t recognize it. The file name is Pastel Preset.dng.tiff

  5. Hi Madeline,

    Im having trouble downloading your Bright Minimal Preset. I am able to receive it in my email but whenever I download it on my phone it says couldn’t download, try again. Could you help me with this please? Thanks

  6. Hello,
    I am trying to use the presets, but for some reason they aren’t showing up as photos. So whenever I choose the preset from my files it just goes back to the “library”. I am on my phone so I don’t know if that makes any difference?

  7. I’m confused, where do I have to download the preset, I just dont find it. I would really live to use it, its gorgeous

  8. Hey I need help, my app looks diffrent and when I click the photo their are no three dots on top. Also idk how to download a photo, I just save it to my camera roll does that work?

  9. Ayesha Mushtaq

    Hey Madeline.
    I have an iPhone and when I download the preset, it just shows up as a blank tile in my gallery without any data in it.

  10. At first it was difficult for me to install the preset, but i read the instruction carefully and followed my instincts and i was able to use it. It’s gorgeous, thanks!

  11. The presets are considered as duplicate in Lightroom and not uploading!!!! This so disturbing I’ve been trying for a while but can’t get the free presets SADDDDDD

  12. Hello, it seems I am having trouble downloading these to my Mac because they are not a Zip file, they are DNG is it possible to get the Zip version ? I would really love to try these out, thank you for them!

    1. Hi Hannah! The presets are for mobile use, so you will need to save the DNG file on your mobile and then install it into the Lightroom app. These are not suitable for the desktop version. 🙂 xx

  13. Hi there. I was able to download the preset but I don’t see a “create preset” option in lightroom. I don’t know what to do please help. Is it perhaps a premium feature??

    1. Hi! Nope, it’s a free feature, everyone can use it. Please email me a screenshot so I can see how to help 🙂 contact (at) . Have a lovely day!

  14. When I go into the Lightroom app and I try to choose a photo, I can’t find the preset on my phone even after I downloaded it from me email. Can you help?

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