How To Keep A Clean House | 10 Habits You Should Know

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Cleaning seems so daunting at times, doesn’t it? Here’s how to keep a clean house without it feeling so overwhelming on a daily basis.

It can be exhausting trying to stay on top of everything as a mom, which is why I think we shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves.

Yes, there will be days when cleaning takes a back seat because either we have too much going on or we are simply too exhausted to catch up on the laundry. Which is fine. We’re only human.

How to keep a clean house with 10 habits

However, there are lots of small things you can do here and there that will make things easier and make the load seem smaller.

Over the years I have realized that I’ve developed a few small habits that actually make a huge difference in helping me not feel overwhelmed. Today I’m sharing all these with you!

How To Keep A Clean House

1. It’s The Little Things

Create little habits that you follow at certain points in the day.

For example, tidy up dishes as you cook dinner or as you wait while dinner is in the oven. Once I’m finished with the chopping board or a pan, I will pop it straight in the dishwasher. This way, when you’re done eating dinner all you have to do is tidy up a few plates.

Make your bed first thing when you get out of it in the morning. It takes 2 minutes and it sets your day right. Once you do these for a while, they will become habits that you instinctively go to do. And they will make your life so much easier!

2. Wake Up To A Clean Kitchen

How to keep a clean kitchen

I try my best to clean the kitchen every night. Even if the rest of the house is not the tidiest, if the kitchen is clean I feel like I’m doing something right, haha. I love the feeling of coming downstairs in the morning to a clean kitchen. It really helps my mood and sets the tone for the day.

3. Dishes Away After Meals

Tips to keep a clean kitchen

This might not always be realistic, as we know life can get busy. But putting dishes away in the dishwasher right away after a meal doesn’t take a lot of time.

I do my best to clear the counters of dishes after each meal, load the dishwasher and then quickly wash in the sink what needs hand washing. It really helps to keep things from piling on and getting too overwhelming at the end of the day.

4. Tidy Up Before Bedtime

How to get kids to tidy up their toys

I find that after I’ve put my toddler to bed and I come downstairs, I’m already in that relaxed mood. So I’m much less likely to do cleaning chores.

Which is why I try to do a general tidy up every night before we go up for bedtime. I also get my toddler involved to help tidy up his toys. Depending on how tired he is, he might help more or less, but I think creating that habit is important for them too.

5. Whenever You Go North

Vanity makeup table IKEA Malm Cleaning tips

I can’t remember where I read this, but it really stuck with me: “Whenever you go North, take something that belongs North with you”. For example, when you get up from the sofa to head into the kitchen, grab that cup from the table to take with you. It’s the little things that add up and make the chores lighter at the end of the day.

6. Do Future-You A Favour

Try to be kind to future-you and think of what you could do now to make it easier on your future self. For example, lots of times I might think: ugh, I don’t feel like folding the laundry right now. But I know that future-me will be so happy that I did it and that’s a great motivator for me.

IKEA besta living toom tv stand minimal scandinavian

7. Take A Look Around Before You Leave A Room

Along the same lines, before you leave a room, look around and see if there’s anything you can do to make it tidier in just 2 minutes.

Pick up that towel off the bathroom floor.

Grab those socks off the floor and bring them to the laundry basket.

Straighten up the towel on the radiator.

Make your bed.

You get the point. There’s lots of little things you could do that barely take a couple of minutes, but they add up. And they lighten up the load.

8. Set A 10 Minute Timer

If you’re feeling unmotivated, set yourself a 10 minute timer to tidy. You will be surprised how much you can actually accomplish in just 10 minutes. It will give you a boost of productivity and help you tick some things off your to-do list without it feeling overwhelming.

How to keep a clean house with these easy habits

9. Make A Weekly Cleaning List

This has been a huge help for me. I keep a running list that I try to get done every week. Keyword being “try”. I try not to put too much pressure on myself, but having a list really helps me stay on top of things. Also, ticking things off the list as I go is so satisfying.

10. Watch A Cleaning Video Or Play Music

If you’re in serious need of some motivation, put on some music or watch a cleaning video on YouTube. There’s so many to choose from and they help give you a boost of productivity.

Here is my most recent weekly cleaning video and this is my cleaning videos playlist, if you’re in need of some inspiration.

And that’s how to keep a clean house by developing small habits that make a huge difference. I hope you found this helpful!

What are some of your habits that help you out?


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