Rental Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

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Recently moved into a new rental flat and don’t know how to style it and make it look like home? You’ve come to the right place, because today I’m sharing a few simple yet effective ways you can do a rental kitchen makeover on a budget.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to refresh a kitchen, so I’ve looked for some inexpensive items you can use to style up a rental kitchen. You will be surprised by what a difference some simple changes will make.

kitchen worktop decor with spatulas, cutting boards and canisters

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Floor Grout Revival

You can use a grout reviver product to cover and freshen up your kitchen floor or tiled walls. The grout reviver I got comes with a sponge applicator which I do not recommend.

Get instead some simple thin painting brushes and make sure you are as precise as you can when applying this along your grout.

This product dries up quite fast, so if you stay within the lines for the most part, you will have a much easier time cleaning up afterwards.

You can see below the before and after yourself, but I think this tip makes a huge difference and brightens up the room.

before and after using grout reviver on kitchen floor

Clean Backsplash Tiles And Scrub The Grout

Our backsplash was not as bad as the floors, so I didn’t use the grout reviver here. I just used some Cif cream cleaner and a brush to scrub the heck out of the grout and tiles. They turned up to be a beautiful white underneath all that dirt.

coffee bar corner in a rental kitchen

Create A Coffee Bar

Having little sections like this in your kitchen will instantly style it up and make it look more cosy. I used a white frame in which I placed a watercolour Coffee Time calligraphy painting I made (but you can also find one online and print it yourself).

I used two canisters, a coffee and a sugar one, which I placed on a cutting board from Ikea.

I also used this Hello Gorgeous mug that I got from Wilko and a fake plant from Primark home. It’s small details and greenery that I think will make your kitchen look lovely.

Our coffee machine is a Nespresso one that I am completely hooked on. It makes such delicious coffee.

minimalist countertop with wooden spatulas, serving boards and white canisters

Create A Styled-Up Cooking Station

This is one of my favourite corners in our kitchen right now. Just like the coffee bar, I used a white frame in which I painted a watercolour fern. It’s a lot easier than it looks, and you can see how I painted it in the video below.

For the base I used an acacia cutting board, along with another handled serving board. I also have here two bamboo-top canisters, one for bread and one for tea.

I placed my wooden spatulas in a white milk jug and then rolled up a kitchen tea towel on the tray.

minimalist rental kitchen makeover

Minimalist Kitchen Mats

I bought these two geometric mats from Wilko. They were actually intended for bathrooms, but I think they look nice in here as well and they are quite practical because you can pop them in the washing machine when they need a refresh. I used two small ones for strategic places, one near the sink and one near the stove.

Minimal Countertop

I do believe simple is better and I like to keep a minimalist look to my kitchen. I find that the less clutter I have on my countertop, the tidier it looks.

sink corner of kitchen with plant and minimal decor

We also had this empty cupboard space that I filled with a white basket drawers unit I got from Wilko. There are plenty of other similar ones to choose from too. I find that it’s a much better use of the space, creating extra storage and making the space look neater.

rental kitchen makeover ideas on a budget

The full rental kitchen makeover video gives a much better glimpse into how I redid the kitchen, so have a look if you need more details.

I am working on doing a home makeover post for each room of our new London flat, so make sure you come back to see all the room transformations.

I truly hope you found this rental kitchen makeover on a budget helpful. How are you planning to refresh your rental kitchen?

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