Spring Minimalist Toddler Boy Capsule Wardrobe + FREE CHECKLIST

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Here’s how to create a spring toddler boy capsule wardrobe, complete with a free checklist to help you out. Build a minimalist spring baby wardrobe easily.

toddler boy capsule wardrobe checklist

Spring is here and the blossoming trees outside make me very excited for the warm days ahead.

Whenever the season changes, I usually go and buy some weather-appropriate clothing items for my toddler.

I find that spring and fall are the best seasons to do a huge clothes purge and shop for new items.

So today I’m sharing with you what I picked up from H&M for my 2 year old toddler for this spring.

Spring Toddler Boy Capsule Wardrobe

toddler boy capsule wardrobe minimalist spring closet h&m




Whenever I do this declutter/shopping session, I try to keep in mind a few things to make my life easier:


Since we have a washing machine with a tumble drier as well, I can get away with having fewer items of clothing – because I can wash them and have them dry quite quickly if I absolutely need to.

However, we do laundry nearly everyday or every other day, so the items on the checklist below are enough to get us through.

I have noticed since my previous capsule wardrobes, though, that we have started going through bottoms/trousers a lot quicker than we used to.

That is because my toddler has become so much more interested in puddles and going wild at the playground in the dirt – haha!

So we end up coming home with super dirty bottoms almost every single time.

I used to have about 4-5 pairs of bottoms and that would be good, but now I find that I need about 7-8 to make it a bit easier on myself to catch up on laundry.


As usual, I went with a pretty neutral colour scheme. Mostly greys, creams, brown tones, bit of navy and a few pops of colour.

I find that this works really well for us, since almost everything goes together nicely.

It’s so much easier to get them dressed in the morning when most items mix well together.


I usually try to think of our daily/weekly routine and for what types of situations we need clothes.

For example, my toddler has started nursery a few months ago, so he does need some comfy, not too thick layers for those days.

I also want thin layers for when the days get warmer.

We need a cardigan to keep him warm when it gets chilly at the park and a rain coat for rainy days.

toddler boy capsule wardrobe checklist minimalist spring closet h&m

Hope you found this helpful if you’re trying to put together your little one’s spring wardrobe as well.

I also have a video on this, if you’d like to see what the items look like in “real life”, haha 🙂

We also have a few simple thin tops in his wardrobe that we previously had, so I didn’t include those in the graphic above, but they are on the checklist.

I think these are mainly the items that will get your through the days without hassle.

I have previously done two other capsule wardrobe posts, if you need some more inspiration:

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