10 Reasons Why I Started A Mum Blog

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Have you been thinking about starting a blog?

10 Reasons Why I Started a Mum Blog

In today’s guest post, Vanessa is sharing with us 10 reasons why she started a mum blog. I found Vanessa’s story so inspiring and I hope you will find it the same.

If you’re also a mum yourself, I think you will get some real motivation from reading her story.

Over to Vanessa!

Creating a blog has been one of the best decisions I have made. To have my own space that is my sanctuary, my happy place and a positive outlet to support and offer help to other mums is a dream.

I had wanted to start a blog for a very long time but it just never felt like the right time for me. I kept putting it off as I thought it would take so much work and time that I just didn’t have.

Then baby no 2 arrived and I thought YES this is my perfect time. Let’s do this girl! Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How do I have the time I hear you say… well the truth is I make time.

We all make time for things that we love and blogging for me is one of them.

I blog whilst my littlest is having his naps in the day and when both boys have gone to bed I blog in the evenings. 

Being a mum is everything to me so incorporating this as part of a job is a dream come true. 

I want to make being a mum that little bit easier so if you need any advice or support go and check out my blog MumsHappyPlace.com and come and say hello.

If you are thinking about starting a mum blog or any blog for that matter it may help you to see the 10 reasons why I chose to start a blog.


1. Build A Positive Space For All Mums

At the time I was going back and forth in my head on if having a mum blog would work. Would people read it? Was it just me that went online for parenting advice?

Then there was a big Aha moment and in that moment I knew I should just go for it. 

I saw a statistic online that said 50% of mums look to social media and online for parenting advice. This is huge and much more than I had ever even thought!

There was a need for advice and support on all things parenting and motherhood online. This was the sign I needed to stop the doubts and get creative and write away. 

When you google advice for mums some of the top results are mum forums. I remember reading a lot of comments on these sites and not coming away feeling any better.

I didn’t want that for Mums Happy Place at all. It’s incredibly important to be honest about how we are feeling and the realities of being a mum but I’m not about focusing on the negative.

For me having a positive, informed and honest space is important for all mums. We want to be able to seek advice and feel reassured, feel that it’s ok to feel how we are, and know that there is always something we can do to help or find a solution. 

By starting Mums Happy Place I am building a space that is positive, encompassing, inclusive and supporting for all mums on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

2. A Place To Share My Experience, Struggles & Thoughts on Motherhood

Being a mum is hard work, we go through such a rollercoaster it can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

I remember Google being my best friend at times when I was unsure on things however I wanted to change that. 

I started Mums Happy Place to be able to share my own experience, struggles and thoughts with other mums. 

It’s nice to be able to share the tips and tricks I learned that helped me in both the early days and now. If there is 1 mum I can help from my blog then I will be very happy. 

3.Doing Something I Love

When I was on maternity leave with my first little boy I felt like I had gone from a stressful full time demanding work role to something that couldn’t be more of the opposite.

Sometimes being a mum can feel like you are in this constant hamster wheel doing the same things over and over again. You know the saying Feed, Change, Sleep & Repeat. 

This time with my second little boy I wanted utilise this amazing time.

My plan was to do something that would fuel a passion, something that I loved and enjoyed and after a long day something I would look forward to. 

Writing, sharing and being creative are all of them to me. 

4. Personal Ambition

I would definitely class myself as an introvert, I’m not that girl that walks into a room and owns it! I build up to things and like what I know.

However, I wanted to start something that would push my boundaries, give me personal growth and ultimately challenge me. 

I wanted to see if I could achieve something new by utilising my current skill set. If I set myself a goal of starting and having a successful mum blog could I really achieve this?

I decided to set myself goals on how I would make my mum blog a success. Madeline was a huge supporter of this and has massively helped me set in stone what I need to do and when.

For me starting a mum blog is a total stretch goal. It is something that wouldn’t be easy or quick but would be hugely rewarding. 

Having a real drive and determination to achieve your own personal goal is liberating. Knowing that fate is in our hands, that if we really want something and work hard we can achieve our goal. That is Awesome! 

5. Inspired By Mum Bloggers

I absolutely love reading blogs! I enjoy learning about people’s lives and getting insights that can both benefit and help me. 

I follow a number of mum influencers on Instagram and their blogs and I have taken huge inspiration from them.

I thought to myself ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a blog as your job?’  

What did I have to lose? Let’s give it a go! 

It was so nice to watch these incredible women and mums working for themselves doing exactly what they love. How could I not be inspired by that. Living their dreams and calling it a job, that is winning right there. 

6. Be There To Watch My Boys Grow

If there is anything I can do that will enable me to be at home more with my boys and watch them grow I will do it.

I have spent the last however many years working long hours, feeling stressed and having that work worry that doesn’t switch off when you finally turn off your laptop.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the job I do and work with some hugely talented people, however my ultimate goal is to work less and be at home more.

I want to be there during the school holidays and pick them up from school and nursery. 

I want to enjoy seeing my boys reach new milestones helping them along the way as much as they want me to.

I want to have the flexibility to take a holiday when I want or look after my little ones when they are poorly without worrying. 

Above all else I want them to feel like I am there for them and they are my priority.

7. Meeting And Mixing With New Like Minded People

I had hoped that entering into the world of blogging would open the door to meeting new people that had similar goals and interests.

Never did I anticipate the huge welcoming community I was now a part of. 

This community is full of like minded people all wanting to achieve similar goals. 

It is motivating, inspiring and amazing when I meet other mums who are also on board the mum blog journey.

I love the community, it is so positive and engaging. Sometimes it can feel daunting trying to meet new mum friends especially at the school gates. 

This is different for me, it’s embracing and encouraging and I am very much enjoying meeting so many new people to learn from and be inspired. 

8. Writing A Blog Is Like Writing To A Friend

I have always loved to write, I feel calm and at ease and it comes naturally to me.

I am quite an emotional person which I think can help when you are sharing your experiences and challenges with other people. 

It’s nice to read a blog post and feel the warmth and support from the writer. I am encouraged and motivated to keep going and words just seem to flow as I am writing about a topic that is my day to day life.

9. Love Learning Something New

Sometimes it’s easy to think that you are too old to learn something new. School and Uni have finished and you are pretty established in your career.

That couldn’t be more wrong! It is so exciting to learn something new and there is not a limit on when you can do this.

Understanding the world of blogging and everything it entails has been a journey. I am still very much on this journey but loving every second.

You can find so much information if you search the internet but what advice is the best advice? I found myself asking that a lot. That’s when I found the lovely Madeline.

Madeline has such a wonderful blogging course perfect for beginners. It has hugely helped me steer my way through the different areas I need to learn and the path I need to take.

I would 100% recommend joining this course if you are serious about starting a blog, trust me you will not regret it.

10. Law of Attraction 

Some of you will be aware of the Law of Attraction. I am a huge believer and it has honestly made me such a happier person.

To have an open mind and have a positive mindset makes such a difference to day to day life.

I love to visualise my successful Mums Happy Place blog reaching thousands of mums. Helping, supporting and encouraging mums to be their best and enjoy every moment.

It’s a dream for me and I think to myself if I believe I can achieve my dream then nothing else matters.

Have a goal, believe in yourself, trust your instincts! Whatever you choose to do, make it your mission to succeed.

Just imagine all the hard work and determination you have put in has now paid off. You are living your dream and it’s all down to you.

We only have one life and I intend to make it the best. No one wants regrets, so follow your heart, dream big and go for it! We have nothing to lose.

If you are a mum and would like any help, support or advice head over to MumsHappyPlace.com.

I look forward to welcoming you and seeing you soon.


Any questions you have for Vanessa? Comment below.

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