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mom and baby winter outfit with grey coatmom holding baby wearing fluffy bear onesiemom and baby winter outfit with grey coat and leopard print scarf

Today’s What I Wore Wednesday features a special guest: little baby Victor. Today I’m sharing a grey coat outfit with leopard print hints.

We took these photos when the weather was pretty nice outside, although lately we’ve had quite freezing temperatures so we didn’t venture out for too long. I was also sick, so I didn’t really feel like going out in the cold. Thankfully, we’re all good now, but we’re waiting for warmer weather so that we can have picnics outside and play in the grass. So far I’ve been taking Victor outside in the stroller and he seems to enjoy it (usually falls asleep while we’re out on our walk). Lately he’s been more curious and sometimes wants to be held so that he can look around. It’s really cute! 


As for my outfit, it’s one of the usual combinations that I currently wear. I have on this grey coat from C&A that I got a few years ago. Underneath (you can’t really see) I have a fluffy black sweater and a pair of black leggings – super simple for layering. My boots are the black suede ankle boots from Deichmann. I also have on a leopard print scarf from Lidl. It was from the Heidi Klum collection that they had in Lidl. I love it so much, I wear this scarf in many different combinations and it brings more style to my otherwise boring outfits.


In case any of you are wondering about Victor’s outfit, he is wearing a polar bear outfit from H&M. I put him in this a lot since it’s super warm and cosy – plus he looks so adorable, perfect for being snuggled up! 🙂

Hope you like my grey coat outfit. You might also enjoy this dusty pink coat outfit.
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