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I know how hard it is to find a good Lightroom preset.

Especially a free one.

I have tried so many that I just didn’t end up using because I didn’t like the end result. So I’ve decided to try and make my own.

And I’m sharing it with you today for FREE.

Instagram is a highly visual platform, so aesthetics are quite important.

It doesn’t mean every photo needs to be staged or a perfectly arranged layout.

free lightroom preset for mobile bright browns

In fact, the instant, spontaneous photos perform really well.

But you can give them a boost with this preset so that they look brighter and warmer.

My Bright Minimal preset is perfect for a lot of different types of photos: portraits, flatlays, scenery, home interiors etc.

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If you’re unsure how to install this preset, I have posted here a super easy to follow tutorial to get you through it step by step (with images).


Sometimes you might find that something doesn’t look right when you apply the preset, whether that’s colors or brightness.

Every photo setting is different, so you might need to adjust the preset to your liking.

If you need a bit of help with that, you should watch the video below where I show how to easily adjust settings to make them work for your pictures.

I know how overwhelming all the settings in Lightroom can be, so here are my best tips:


1. The preset made my photo too bright. How do I adjust it?

Adjust the following settings in your Mobile Lightroom App:

  • Light > Exposure > Decrease
  • Light > Shadows > Decrease

2. The preset made my photo too dark. How do I adjust it?

Adjust the following settings in your Mobile Lightroom App:

  • Light > Exposure > Increase
  • Light > Shadows > Increase

3. The preset made my photo too warm/cold. How do I adjust it?

Adjust the following settings in your Mobile Lightroom App:

  • Color > Temp > Increase/Decrease (More Yellow for warmer tones, More Blue for colder tones)

4. The preset made my skintone too orange. How do I adjust it?

Adjust the following settings in your Mobile Lightroom App:

  • Color > Mix > Orange > Saturation > Decrease
  • Color > Mix > Orange > Luminance > Increase

5. The preset made the greens in my photo too faded. How do I adjust it?

Adjust the following settings in your Mobile Lightroom App:

  • Color > Mix > Green > Saturation > Increase
  • Color > Mix > Green > Luminance > Increase/Decrease


A few of you have messaged me in the past that you’ve had trouble downloading the presets, so here are some useful tips to help you out:

1. Make sure to check your spam folder, as the email with the presets might end up there.

2. If it doesn’t work to download on your mobile phone, try using your desktop to download and it might work that way.

The presets do work on both Android and iOS.

3. If you’re still having trouble with it, email me and I will help you out further 🙂 (contact [at]

This preset will transform your photos into a beautiful bright feed.

Make sure you TAG me (@madeline1f) in your photos using this preset, so that I can check out your beautiful insta feeds.

If you subscribe below, you will also get notified when I post future presets.


Go ahead and grab this preset here:

I use multiple presets for my Instagram account, so do let me know if you find this one helpful and would like to see more.

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48 thoughts on “Free Lightroom Preset Bright Minimal”

  1. Hi, i don’t know how to download the free presets, i’m doing it with an iphone, so if you can help me please!

  2. I’m so happy I found this. And it’s for FREE. I’ve been building my IG feed but it just doesn’t work with different presets. And I have to start all over again. I hope this will work. Thank you for sharing this!! ❤❤❤

  3. Inês Martins Carriço

    Hi, hope you’re good! I would really like to try your BRIGHT MINIMAL preset! Thank you so much, they’re all amazing!

  4. Elizabeth Hurtado

    Hi there! 🙂
    I received the e-mail and I downloaded in my computer but I can’t do it in my cell where I use Lightroom. Can you help me please?

  5. Thanks for the preset. Playing around with it this evening and see that it doesn’t work as is with all photos, but of course that’s to be expected. Still, I’m diggin’ it. Thank you.

  6. Hiya. I’m so new to this. I don’t know how to download your free bright minimal preset. Would you be able to help?

  7. Love your prests so much – made my photos look so profesh! Please could you do a black and white range xx that would be really stunning, I bet!

  8. I can’t seem to download the preset it keeps linking back to the blog post and installing instructions. Pls help

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