Top 10 Font Sites + How to Use Them

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best free fonts sites for blogging

If you’re reading this as a blogger or content creator yourself, you know how hard it can be to find good fonts to use for your digital products or blog.

However, once you find a few font websites that you can trust and that fit your brand needs, the process will become so quick and easy. That’s why I decided to write about these top 10 font sites (that you might not have heard of before), as well as different ideas on how to use them.

I have decided to include both free fonts and paid-premium fonts, because I know each blogger is at a different stage in their journey, so this will cover both sides. You will definitely find the perfect font site for you among this list of 10.

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Before we dive into these, I wanted to mention a tip that you should always keep in mind when looking through these font sites. You will notice that for a lot of these fonts, it is mentioned either “personal use” or “commercial use”. And it is a big difference that you should really know about.

top 10 font sites for digital projects

Personal use vs commercial use fonts

When you download a font that says “free for personal use“, that means you can only use it for your own projects that you don’t make money off of.

That means you can use it for personal projects, such as:

  • a birthday card you create yourself and gift a friend
  • your own planners or worksheets
  • your blog as long as you only use it as a portfolio or you don’t monetize it

This changes once you start monetizing your blog. If you sell your own products on it or if you use ads (through Adsense or any other network), affiliate links, sponsored posts or any other monetization strategy, it is no longer considered personal use. You will need a font that is appropriate for commercial use.

Top 10 Font Sites for Bloggers

1. Font Bundles

font bundles top 10 font sites

If you’re looking for a wide variety of fonts, ranging from script ones to modern all-caps ones, then head over to They have loads to choose from: beautiful feminine fonts, quirky fonts, minimalist looking fonts. So many to choose from!

They offer both free fonts and premium paid ones, which I think is great depending on the project that you’re working on. They also add new free fonts every week, so it’s nice to get fresh options frequently.

Here are some of my favourite font picks, that I think would look great as a blog logo or as a branding name for your pins on Pinterest, for example.

top 10 font sites for bloggers

Another thing I like about the Font Bundles website (as the name gives it away) is the fact that they offer bundles for different projects you might be working on. They basically put together packs of, say, 20 fonts that are similar and go well with a certain theme. For example, they have wedding bundles, script bundles, minimalist bundles etc. Definitely worth having a look.

2. Font Squirrel

font squirrel free fonts

Although I think Font Bundles is a better alternative to Font Squirrel, I had to mention this site too because it does have a cool feature. It’s got more classic looking fonts from what I’ve noticed, BUT it comes with a font identifier tool.

You can basically upload an image of a font you like and it will give you similar fonts you can use from their website. How cool is that?

3. DaFont

dafont free fonts sites for bloggers

This was probably the first font site I ever tried and it is great. It has a very large collection of fonts, both modern and classic ones. However, make sure to pay attention to the description of each font. Some clearly mention “free for personal use only”, which means you cannot use them on your blog if you monetize it.

They do have loads that are free for both commercial use and personal use, so that’s great. You just have to scavenge a bit through them.

4. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is awesome because you can see details like how fast a font will load on your website and you can get suggestions of similar fonts from the same family. And if you’re a bit more tech savvy, you can even get code (HTML/CSS) that you can add to your blog.

5. Craft Bundles

craft bundles font sites for bloggers

Craft Bundles doesn’t currently offer free fonts, only paid options. However, they have bundles of fonts that are quite reasonably priced and they have lots of cute and fun fonts that you can choose from.

6. Web Designer Depot

web designer depot free fonts sites

Web Designer Depot is a great resource for fonts and other graphics or icons you might need for your website. They have some lovely stylish fonts and script ones too. Again, make sure to check which ones are free for personal use only and which ones do need a license to use commercially.

7. Font Space

font space free font sites

Font Space has so many unique fonts that I had not seen on other websites. I love their range, from beautiful handwritten ones, to fun looking ones or game-poster looking ones. Such a cool selection.

8. Font Fabric

font fabric font sites for bloggers

Font Fabric has these categories at the top that make it quite easy to navigate through the different styles of fonts that they offer. They have plain Serif or Sans ones, Script ones or even Rust ones – which look either a bit faded or they have a drop shadow behind.

9. My Fonts

my fonts sites for bloggers

The nice thing about My Fonts is that they give you illustrated ideas on what the fonts look like in different projects or uses. For example, some fonts are written on medicine labels, others on ad posters. It’s nice to see them in use, since it gives you a better idea of how they will fit in with your project.

10. Type Wolf

typewolf free fonts sites for bloggers

Type Wolf is more of a site that gives you ideas on what fonts to choose, what is trending, what fonts would go well with certain projects. It’s a good resource for when you need some inspiration.

What can I use these fonts for?

  • Create a blog logo. Whether it’s a beautiful script, handwritten looking one – or an all-caps thin modern font – this will make your blog stand out.
  • Use it for pins on Pinterest. Write your blog name with a special font in your pins for Pinterest. This helps your brand become recognizable and ultimately drive more traffic.
  • Use it on printable cards. This goes for anything from a self-made printable planner, business cards, wedding stationery, birthday party stationery etc.
  • Create a branded media kit. You can use these fonts to create your own media kit in a free editor like Canva or BeFunky – use the font for your name or business name at the top of the page.
  • Use it for your digital products. If you plan on creating a worksheet, online course, printable checklist, recipe books, workbooks etc., you can use these fonts to make the products stand out and look more aesthetically pleasing.

If you found this helpful, I also have a couple of other posts relating to fonts: 10 Best Canva font Pairings – Free Pinterest Fonts and 12 Best Handwritten Logo Fonts.

I hope these top 10 font sites are useful to you if you’re a fellow blogger.

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