30 Fall Video Ideas for YouTube 2023

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Are you struggling to find good fall video ideas for your YouTube channel? 

Then grab some pen and paper, because I’m going to share with you today 30 fall video ideas or autumn video ideas, whatever you want to call them. 

I’ve made this list of tons of ideas for you to take inspiration from regardless of what niche you are in. There’s lifestyle, food, fashion, motherhood, DIY, crafts, home decor video ideas etc. 

I’m actually going to have a list of 31 Halloween video ideas for YouTube coming up very soon as well, in case you need more inspiration and you want to create some fun Halloween themed videos. 

31 Fall Autumn Video Ideas for YouTube 2021


30 Fall video ideas for Youtube

Let’s go ahead and get started with the 30 fall video ideas for YouTube.

Fall video ideas: Home decor and cleaning

Let’s start with the home decor, homemaking and cleaning niche. Here are a few video ideas for you.

1. Clean with me for fall

If you’re in this niche, you could start with doing a clean with me video for fall or autumn where you go around and clean your house. 

You could do a deep clean or speed clean, depending on what you prefer and get your house clean and ready for fall.

2. Decorate with me for fall 

The next video that you could do is a fall decorate with me

After you’ve cleaned your house, now you can add all of your fun fall decorations, spread them around the house and use pumpkins and candles to make your home look autumnal and cosy.

3. Wardrobe switchover for autumn 

Another fun video you could do for fall is a wardrobe switchover for autumn

If you are switching over your clothes from the summery bits to autumn, maybe you could share how you store your summer clothes until next year, how you organise your autumn bits in your wardrobe and how you do the whole switch over process. 

4. Front porch decorating ideas for fall

You could do a front porch decorating with me kind of video, where you decorate for fall either your front porch or just your door, maybe your window display in front of your house or your flat. 

Simply give some decorating ideas for the front part of your house, obviously using items that are outdoor friendly.

5. Fall home decor shopping haul 

Next up you could do a full home decor shopping haul. 

And I have a tip for you if you’re doing a shopping haul like this with fall home decor bits that you have found. 

I recommend putting in your video title the name of the shop that you went to, because that’s a really good search keyword. 

People will usually search for the store itself in Google or Youtube, because they want to see what’s in that shop at the moment for fall. 

So you could add in the title of your video the month or you could simply say “autumn 2022”, so that you make your video more searchable that way.

6. Fall home tour

You could also do a full home tour where you go around all over your house or your flat and share exactly how you decorated it for autumn and all the little bits that you got in your home. 

Fall video ideas: DIY or craft

7. DIY fall wreath

If you’re in the DIY crafts niche, you could do a DIY fall wreath. 

Maybe you could gather some fall items from shops like the Dollar Tree if you’re in the US or, if you’re in the UK like me, you could go for Poundland items. 

Grab some really budget-friendly fall bits and share how you create a fall wreath with those. 

8. DIY fall decorations

You could also create a video on DIY fall decorations where you could do anything for fall or autumn. 

Anything type of fall decorations with pumpkins, leaves etc.

31 Fall Autumn Video Ideas for YouTube 2021

Fall video ideas: Mom vlogging

9. Fall nature activity ideas for kids

If you’re a mum vlogger, you could do a video with fall nature activity ideas for kids during fall. 

There are so many activities you could do in nature with little ones. 

Maybe you could put together a list of ideas, maybe a treasure map or just things kids can tick off a list of things that they can find in nature.

10. Fall craft ideas with kids

You could do a video on fall craft ideas with children, such as different ideas of what you could do with kids at home, perhaps using things that you find in nature or crafts items that you can get from budget shops.

Fall video ideas: Food

If you’re in the food niche or even if you’re in a lifestyle niche, but you just want to get inspiration for food and video ideas, then these are some ideas for you. 

11. Easy baking recipes for fall

You could create a video on easy baking recipes for fall, whether that’s cookies, cupcakes or any type of baking recipes you like to create during this season.

12. Comfort food recipes for fall

You could film a video on comfort foods for fall. 

This is always a nice idea, because everybody wants comfort food now that autumn is here.

13. What I eat in a day – autumnal edition

Another video idea is a what I eat in a day video, in an autumnal edition. This is a video where you share your breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as maybe the snacks that you have in between. 

And this what I eat in a day video will obviously be a fall edition one that includes autumnal and comfort food recipes.

14. Pumpkin spice recipe ideas

You could also share some pumpkin spice recipe ideas, whether that’s drinks, pumpkin spice pies, cupcakes or anything else you create using pumpkin spice. 

This is something that’s searched for a lot on YouTube during fall and also going into the Halloween season. 

15. Best slow cooker recipes for fall

Another video idea is one in which you share your best slow cooker recipes for fall. You can include how you use your slow cooker or crock pot, and the different meal ideas that you love for fall.

16. Fall grocery haul

You can do a full grocery haul if you do more themed food shops, where you pick items that are more fall related. 

17. Fall weekly meal prep

You could do a full meal prep video, where you share how you prep your food in advance for the week. 

For example, on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon you prepare a whole bunch of food to go in containers in your fridge or freezer, so you have them throughout the week. 

If meal prepping is your thing, then a video on this for fall would be a great idea for you.

Fall video ideas: Lifestyle

Let’s move on to the kind of lifestyle and more random types of videos.

18. Top 5-10 autumnal movies to watch on Netflix this fall

You could do a top 5 or 10 autumnal movies that you like to watch on Netflix or just the best ones that you have found on Netflix or Amazon so far, for example.

19. Pumpkin patch vlog + pumpkin carving ideas

You can do a vlog at the pumpkin patch. These are really popular videos, because obviously a pumpkin patch is such a good activity to do for fall. 

And you can include something like pumpkin carving ideas maybe within that video in order to make it a bit more searchable.

20. Come shop with me for fall

Another fall video idea is a come shop with me video for fall, where you could go to one of your shops that you like to do your fall shopping in, like the Dollar Tree or Poundland. 

I just did one recently for Primark, which was very popular. 

Depending on where you live, you could go to one of the shops that’s more autumnal, where they have fall items in and you could share a come shopping with me in that shop, so that people can see what’s in their store for the autumn winter season.

21. Cosy autumn morning routine

You could also do a cosy autumn morning routine, where you share your morning rituals. 

Maybe you could film this at the weekend when you have more time and you can share what you do to feel nice and cosy on an autumn morning.

22. Cosy autumn evening routine

Going along with that, you could do a cosy autumn evening routine, where you share your wind down routine at the end of the day.

23. Workout routine for fall

You could also do a workout routine for fall if you switch things up during this season.

24. Get it all done with me – fall edition

Another video idea is a get it all done with me video. 

These types of videos are the ones that include a bit of cleaning, maybe a bit of decorating, cooking or random tasks that you do in a day, for example. 

And of course, you would add a spin on this to make it autumnal.

Fall video ideas: Fashion

25. Fall outfit ideas

Moving on to the fashion videos, you could do a fall outfits ideas video.

People always love getting outfit ideas. I actually share quite a lot of outfits over on my Instagram as well.

26. Fall haul of fashion items

If you have been buying fashion items for your autumn wardrobe, then you could do a fashion haul for fall items.

27. Fall capsule wardrobe

You could do a full capsule wardrobe video, if that’s something that you do. 

For example, you could share a video on 20 items, 40 outfits. 

So simply taking some basic staple items and then turning them into tons of outfits. That’s pretty much what a capsule wardrobe is. 

Fall video ideas: Beauty

28. Skincare routine for fall

For beauty videos, you could do a skincare routine for fall, because a lot of people change up their skincare routines during autumn winter. 

Obviously it’s a bit more cold, your skin gets a bit more dry, so this would be a good video for you to film if you are into skincare.

29. Favourite makeup look for fall 

You could also do your favorite makeup look for fall, for example if you change up your eyeshadow or foundation for the new season.

30. Fall nail art ideas

Another video idea is a  full nail art video, where you share inspiration for how people can do their nails more creatively for fall.

31 Fall Autumn Video Ideas for YouTube 2021

Those are all of my fall video ideas for YouTube. What video will you film next for your channel? Comment below to let me know! 

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