107 Best Halloween Hashtags for Instagram in 2023

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Wondering what hashtags you should be using on Instagram for Halloween 2022? 

Then you’ll get 107 hashtag ideas that are perfect for you to use on your Halloween pictures, pumpkin carvings, yummy autumnal recipes and more. 

There are hashtags in this list for a variety of niches: lifestyle, motherhood, food and recipes, home decor, DIY, crafts, beauty etc.

I highly recommend that you pick from this list the hashtags that suit your content. The more specific, the better. 

You can also pick a few hashtags from each category and create your own sets of 30 hashtags to use for different picture categories.

107 Best Halloween Hashtags for Instagram 2021


So when you’re going through this list of hashtags, think of the main type of photos you want to post on your Instagram. 

Let’s say you want to post Halloween recipes, Halloween fashion ideas and Halloween motherhood posts.

You could pick from this list 30 hashtags that are specific to the recipes you want to share and save the list of hashtags to the notes app on your phone, for example.

And you could create another list of 30 hashtags for Halloween fashion ideas, and another one for Halloween motherhood posts.

This way, you will have all these sets of hashtags saved to your phone and ready to go for when you do want to publish those fall or Halloween posts.

Need more ideas? Here are 201 best fall hashtags for Instagram to give you more inspiration and grow your Instagram reach this season.

Why should you switch up your hashtags for Halloween?

Why do I need to switch up hashtags for Halloween or fall? Can’t I just use my regular ones?

You should regularly switch up and update your hashtags, if you don’t already do that.

The more specific you are to your content, the better your posts will do. 

Taking advantage of trends, seasons and holidays is a smart move because it can really increase your reach and discoverability. 

So if you’re planning on posting fall or Halloween specific hashtags, then you should absolutely switch up your hashtags to reflect that.

This will help you bring in a new audience that is interested in that content.

Do hashtags actually work? 

Yes, hashtags work to get your posts more visibility and get discovered on Instagram.

TIP: Instagram has recently announced that hashtags work best when used in the caption of the post, rather than the first comment. So aim to post all of your hashtags within your caption.

Up until recently it was not clear whether this made a difference, but this is now the official guideline from Instagram.

Hashtags are really the best way to grow your account when you are just starting out and you don’t yet get your posts recommended on the Explore page, for example. This is aside from reels that have their own algorithm.

The key here is to:

  • Use hashtags that are truly relevant to your posts.
  • Use the right size of hashtags. 

If you’re unsure on how to pick the right size of hashtags that will work to help you grow, then keep on reading.

How to know what size hashtags you should use

Picking the right size of hashtags can be tricky. This will depend on the size of your account as well and if you’re in a beginning growing phase or an already established phase.

However, in general it is best to aim for the hashtags with a lower competition. 

If you go for super saturated hashtags, then it is highly likely that your post will just get lost in the millions of other posts under that hashtag. Which means your post won’t get a high reach or engagement.

This is why using hashtags that are in the millions will not be a good strategy for your growth. Those overly saturated hashtags will not help your posts get seen. So if you see hashtags that are 1 million posts under them (or more), I highly encourage you to skip them and go for smaller ones.

There is no specific magical number when it comes to hashtags size.

However, what I have found to work best for me and for my students is to use hashtags between 10k and 100k in size. 

When your account is starting to grow and pick up some traction, then you can start aiming for higher sized hashtags (over 100k size).

But even now on my Instagram account, I never go for hashtags that are in the millions. 

If you need more tips on picking the right hashtags for faster growth on Instagram, then you could have a look at this post on surprising Instagram hashtags tips you should know.

107 Best Hashtags for Halloween 2022

Let’s dive into the list of hashtags ideas for you to use around Halloween 2022.

The list below is created with the previous tips in mind. So most of the hashtags on this list are appropriately sized for smaller accounts who are trying to grow. 

I aimed to pick mostly hashtags that are not in the millions of posts, so that these give you the best chance to get discovered during this fall and Halloween season.

Halloween Hashtags for lifestyle

These hashtags are best used for general lifestyle photos that you will be posting this Halloween season, such as movie nights, pumpkin picking, fun activities you do for Halloween and just general inspiration for the season.






































Halloween Hashtags for fashion

If you want to share some fun Halloween costume ideas this year or even just some simple outfits for people who want to celebrate Halloween but not necessarily go all out for costumes, then these hashtags are perfect for you.













Halloween Hashtags for mom

If you’re a mom and you’re planning on sharing either kids costume ideas, kids activities for Halloween, fun crafts for the season or just general fun family ideas for celebrating Halloween this year, then feel free to pick from the hashtags below.













Halloween Hashtags for Food

If you’re a food blogger or influencer and you create yummy recipes with pumpkin spice, pumpkin seeds, Halloween treats or general baking for the season, then these hashtags are great to get your content in front of more eyes.













Halloween Hashtags for home decor 

Do you decorate your house in a fun or spooky way for Halloween? Then use some of these hashtags below to get more exposure for your posts with Halloween house decor, pumpkin decoration ideas or even DIY decor projects.


















Halloween Hashtags for beauty

If you’re a makeup artist or enthusiast and you love creating fun makeup looks for Halloween, then these hashtags are great for you. 


















107 Best Halloween Hashtags for Instagram 2021

How to stay consistent on Instagram

Creating quality content on Instagram takes a lot of time and effort. Which is why it can be tricky to stay consistent on the platform all the time.

So what can you do to stay organised and be more consistent?

Make a plan, create a content calendar, organise your weeks in advance and batch your content.

It might sound overwhelming, but you can definitely stay consistent with your content without burning out if you create a plan ahead of time. 

If you need help planning your content ahead of time, have a look at this post on how to stay organised as a blogger or influencer.

Also, if you need help with content ideas, then this social media content calendar for 2022 will give you some inspiration for content ideas for each month of the year.

This content calendar contains all the social media holidays and key marketing dates that you should know in order to create content around these holidays that are relevant to you and your mission online.

How to check which hashtags are working for you

Have you been using hashtags, but feel like some of them are just not doing you any favours? 

I know I wished I could know exactly which hashtags are actually bringing me in new followers and engagement, so that I could know which ones to weed out and which ones to keep.

You probably already know that you should switch up your hashtags once in a while, make them really relevant to the content you are posting and making sure they are the right size to keep your account growing.

However, sometimes you switch up your hashtags and accidentally remove the hashtags that were already working for you. 

So what should you do then?

Read here how to find the hashtags that are working for you and the ones that aren’t, so that you can switch them up without removing what’s working.

I used that method to find my best hashtags and to increase the reach on my posts easily.

How to edit your Halloween Instagram photos

If you need help editing your Halloween photos to really make them stand out for Instagram, there are a few things you can do to make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Because even though Instagram has announced it is no longer just a photo sharing app, it’s obvious that aesthetics are still important on the platform.

Good quality photos that are edited to look more aesthetic will help your account grow a lot faster.

If you need help editing your photos, check out my free Bright Minimal Lightroom preset and my free Bright Moody Lightroom preset. These are both perfect for your Halloween photos.

If you have no idea what presets are, they are a set of photo editing settings that are ready to apply to any photo in just one click.

You basically download these free presets, add them to the Lightroom app on your phone and then you can just add the presets to any photo in one click.

I love using presets myself because they make my job of editing photos so much easier and faster. 

I simply add the preset I want to my photo and then make any small adjustments if needed, such as changing up the brightness if the exposure is making them too bright or too dark.

Presets are really easy to use and I just love them so much, which is why I have decided to share these free ones with you, in addition to the ones I sell in my Etsy shop.

I hope you found these 107 best hashtags for Halloween 2022 helpful. 

Are you currently planning your fall and Halloween content for Instagram? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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