161 Best Halloween Blog Post Ideas

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Wondering what content to post for Halloween this year? Get inspired with this list of 161 best Halloween blog post ideas for a variety of niches.

Seasonal content is a really important type of content to create for your blog. That is because seasonal blog posts get high search volumes on Google and Pinterest during that specific season. 

161 Best Halloween Blog Post Ideas

If you can get your post to rank in Google or to appear in the Pinterest algorithm, you are bound to see high traffic, lots of pageviews and shares on that post.

On top of that, creating these types of blog posts and keeping them updated throughout the years is a very smart strategy, because posts like this can bring you an influx of views every single year during that season.

The best time to post seasonal content is actually a few weeks or even months before. 


Because blog posts take time to start ranking in Google search and even on Pinterest. Which means, ideally, you will publish your Halloween content, for example, 1-2 months beforehand.

This way, your blog post has a chance of ranking by the time people actually start searching for that topic online.

Also, if your seasonal content does not perform the best that year that you first publish it, don’t get discouraged. 

Make sure to update it every year a few months before the season hits, and there is a high chance that your blog post will pick up in traffic around that time every year. Especially if your blog post is well optimised for SEO. 

If you’re unsure how to optimise your blog post for SEO, you need 2 to know 2 things. The first thing is to follow this SEO Checklist for every post that you write. 

And the second thing is to learn how to do keyword research before you start writing your post, which we cover in Blogging Secrets.

So if you haven’t already created any blog posts for the season, whether that’s for fall or for Halloween, then I hope this post gives you some inspiration to get writing.

You might also want to have a look at this Social Media Content Calendar for 2022, which will give you all the social media marketing holidays that you should know about, so that you can create content around them.

161 Halloween Blog Post Ideas

161 Best Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Halloween blog post ideas for food blogs

1. Traditional Halloween recipe ideas

2. Most popular Halloween foods

3. Ideas for the Best Halloween Night Menu

4. Best Halloween Party Recipes

5. Roundup of Fun Halloween Appetizers

6. X Halloween Themed Foods

7. Easy Halloween Apple Recipes

8. Easy Halloween Pumpkin Recipes

9. Spooky Food Ideas for Halloween

10. Savoury Halloween Food Ideas

11. Halloween Party Food on a Budget

12. Family Favourite Halloween Recipes Round-Up

13. Best Halloween Drinks Round-Up

14. Top 5 Halloween Cupcake Ideas

15. Favourite Autumn/Halloween Recipes to Try

16. Best Fall Pie Recipes to Make This Season 

17. Easy and Spooky Halloween Cocktail Ideas

18. Clever Halloween Themed Cocktail Name Ideas

19. Halloween Themed Drink Ideas for Kids

Halloween blog post ideas for fashion blogs

1. X Ideas for Easy Halloween Costumes

2. X Ideas for Halloween Costumes that Only Take 5 Minutes

3. X Budget Friendly Costume Ideas for Halloween

4. Top 10 Halloween Costumes

5. X Trendy Halloween Costumes for 2022

6. Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

7. Halloween Outfit Ideas Without Wearing a Costume

8. Halloween Outfit Ideas with a Black Dress

9. Scary Halloween Costume Ideas that are Easy to Make

10. Easy Halloween Costume Ideas with Normal Clothes

11. Classic Halloween Costume Ideas 

12. X Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens

13. Top Halloween Accessories for Easy Costume Outfits

14. Gothic Accessories to Try for Halloween Outfits

15. Casual Outfit Ideas for a Halloween Party

16. Good Halloween Costumes for a Group

17. How to Recreate Movie Group as Halloween Costume

18. Funny Casual Halloween Costumes to Wear to Work

Halloween blog post ideas for mom blogs

1. Halloween mom and son costumes

2. Halloween mom and daughter costumes

3. Halloween outfit ideas for moms

4. Funny Halloween costumes for babies

5. Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween

6. Mom Hacks for Halloween

7. Easy Halloween Party Ideas for Busy Moms

8. Easy Halloween Appetizers for Busy Moms

9. Last Minute Costume Ideas for Moms

10. Family Friendly Halloween Movies to Watch

11. How to Celebrate Halloween with a Baby or Toddler

12. Creative Halloween Treats for Kids

13. How to Organise a Halloween Party for Kids

14. Crafts Ideas for Kids for Halloween

15. How to Use Recycling as Fun Kids Projects for Halloween

16. Top Tips for Going Trick or Treating with Kids

17. Ideas for Painting Pumpkins with Kids

18. How to Have a Budget Friendly Halloween with Your Family

19. Best Halloween Books for Kids

20. Montessori Inspired Activity Ideas for Halloween

Halloween blog post ideas for DIY blogs

1. Cheap Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

2. How to Make a Pumpkin Halloween Costume

3. Easy DIY Halloween Decorations Round-Up

4. DIY Halloween Projects using Pumpkins

5. Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

6. DIY Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas

7. Halloween DIY Ideas Using Fall Leaves

8. DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

9. Dollar Tree / Poundland Halloween DIY Ideas

10. DIY Haunted House Props to Make Yourself

11. How to Make DIY Ghost Decorations for Halloween

12. DIY Halloween Decorations with Household Items

13. How to make DIY Colouring Pages for Halloween

14. DIY Halloween Decor Ideas to Make with Kids

15. Easy Halloween DIY Candy Ideas

16. DIY Trick or Treat Basket Ideas

17. Best DIY Craft Projects for Kids

Halloween blog post ideas for home decor blogs

1. How to Decorate for Halloween for Cheap

2. Ideas for Home Decor for Halloween

3. How to Make Your House Look Scary for Halloween

4. Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

5. How to Turn Your House into a Haunted House for Halloween

6. Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom for Halloween

7. How to Decorate Your Windows at Halloween

8. Best Halloween Homeware Items 2022

9. How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on a Budget

10. Halloween Decor Ideas for a Flat

11. How to Decorate a Cosy Home for Autumn

12. Best Etsy Shops for Halloween Decor

13. How to Decorate a Mantelpiece for Halloween

14. Front Porch Decor Ideas for Halloween

15. How to Decorate a Staircase for Halloween

16. Decorating Ideas for Halloween Table Setting

17. Upcycle Decor Ideas for Halloween

18. Best Decor Items for a Budget Friendly Halloween

Halloween blog post ideas for social media or marketing blogs

1. Halloween Quotes Ideas for Social Media Posts

2. X Funny Halloween Quotes for Instagram

3. Ideas on What to Post on Instagram at Halloween

4. Halloween Caption Ideas for Instagram

5. Halloween Marketing Ideas for a Successful Campaign

6. Canva Ideas for Halloween Social Media Posts

7. How to Update Your Facebook Cover for Halloween

8. Best Posts to Publish Before Halloween

9. How to Create a Halloween Theme on Your Instagram Feed

10. Best Hashtags to Use for Halloween in 2022

11. Halloween Instagram Stories Ideas

12. How to Grow Your Brand Online with a Halloween Campaign

13. How to Create a Halloween Campaign to Make More Sales

14. Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for Hallowen

15. Halloween Marketing Strategies for Etsy Shop Owners

16. How to Make More Sales on Etsy at Halloween

17. Guide to a Halloween Sale Strategy 

18. Halloween Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Websites

Halloween blog post ideas for beauty blogs

1. Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

2. How to Create a Halloween Skelleton Makeup Look

3. Best Halloween Makeup Products

4. Top Halloween Themed Makeup Products for 2022

5. Super Easy Halloween Makeup 

6. How to Use a Black Eyeliner for Halloween Makeup

7. What to Use for Halloween Makeup Instead of Face Paint

8. How to Do a Witch Halloween Makeup

9. How to Create Halloween Fake Skin with Household Items

10. Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

11. X Halloween Makeup Tutorials Round-Up

12. Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for Beginners

13. How to Use Your Regular Makeup to Create a Halloween Look

14. Best Halloween Nail Art Tutorials Round-Up

15. Super Quick Face Paint Tutorial for Halloween

16. Creepy Halloween Makeup Looks for Beginners

17. Best Hair Accessories for Halloween Looks

Halloween blog post ideas for travel blogs

1. Best places to spend Halloween

2. Things to Do for Halloween 2022

3. Top Countries that Have the Best Halloween Celebrations

4. US Cities that Celebrate Halloween the Most

5. Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

6. Best Halloween Destinations on a Budget

7. Top Halloween Destinations for Couples

8. Top Halloween Holidays with Kids

9. Best Spooky Places to Visit at Halloween

10. Best Places to Go for Halloween in the UK

11. Top Halloween Events 2022 (in a certain location)

12. Ways in Which Different Countries Celebrate Halloween

13. List of European Haunted Places to Visit

14. Top Spooky Getaways in Your Local Area

15. Round-Up of Halloween Festivals or Events in 2022

16. Best Haunted Experience Places to Book this Year

17. Best Halloween Travel Mugs on Etsy

Halloween blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs

1. How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

2. Best Series to Watch on Netflix for Halloween

3. Top 10 Classic Halloween Movies

4. How to Make Your Home Cosy for Halloween

5. Halloween Activity Ideas at Home

6. Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Kids at Home

7. Top Farms Nearby to Visit at Halloween

8. Halloween Shopping Guide for 2022

9. Outfit Ideas to Wear During October

10. Best Halloween Hot Drinks 

11. How to Celebrate Halloween Without it Being Scary

12. Where to Buy Halloween Decorations in the UK

13. Ideas for a Stunning Halloween Flatlay

14. How to Have an At-Home Halloween Photo Shoot

15. Round-Up of Your Previous Halloween Costumes

16. List of Halloween Music for a Spooky Atmosphere

17. Best Horror or Mystery Books to Read at Halloween

161 Best Halloween Blog Post Ideas

How do I find blog post ideas?

Whether you are looking for blog post ideas for evergreen, all year-round content, or just for seasonal content, there are a few methods to follow that will help you get great ideas easily.

The first way you could do this content research is by looking on Pinterest.

If you go into the Pinterest search bar and you type in a word related to your niche, you will see a list of suggestions for that topic. And if you click on any of those suggestions, you will be able to see exactly what type of content is already created on that topic.

See if you can put your own spin on any of those topics in a blog post form.

The second way you could get more blog post ideas is by repeating this process very similarly in Google search. The search bar in Google can be an amazing place for you to get ideas for content. And not just any content, but ideas and questions that people are actually searching for.

We dive into more details about this in the blog post about How to stay organised as a blogger.

The third way is for you to sit down with pen and paper (or a digital form of that), and brainstorm your content. Think about the main pillars of your content and what type of posts you could create that would be helpful for your audience.

If you have no idea what your audience needs help with or what their struggles are, have a look at the market research part of this blog post about How to Create an Ebook

Yes, the post is about creating ebooks, but you will see in the beginning the exact process I go through to find my audience’s pain points and struggles. So that I know to create content that is actually helpful for them.

How to come up with creative content ideas

If you’re stuck in a creative rut and have no idea what content to create next, there are a few things you could do to spark that creativity again.

For example, you could read a book related to your niche, listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube video, scroll through Instagram (in the purpose of doing research). 

This does not mean you should go around and copy other people’s content. It is simply for inspiration and for you to put your own spin on a certain topic you might find interesting.

Sometimes you will watch a YouTube video completely unrelated to your topic, but it will spark some ideas that you could try for your own blog. 

Most of the time, the more you learn and consume, the more inspired you will feel.

If you need more blog post ideas, here you go:

Those are 161 best Halloween blog post ideas if you needed some help with creating content for the year. 

What are you going to post next on your blog? Let me know in the comments!

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