Neutral Baby Nursery Tour: IKEA Organising And Storage Tips

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Putting together the nursery was probably one of the most exciting things I got to do during pregnancy. I loved buying little bits for my baby and it made me feel more calm and happy, because I felt more prepared for when he would arrive. Today I’m sharing our neutral nursery tour

If you follow me on Youtube, then you’ve probably already seen the Nursery Tour video and my huge baby haul video to prepare for baby’s arrival. But just in case you haven’t, I wanted to make a blogpost all about it. I also got a lot of questions about random things I got for his nursery. So I thought it would be easier for some to just come back to this post and have a quick glance if they’re looking for something in particular from my nursery.

neutral baby nursery tour with ikea ideas


We wanted to keep everything quite minimalist and we didn’t want to just paint to whole room a color, like blue or something. So we kept the walls white and the floors are just an oak-type of wood floors. This is very much in sync with the rest of our apartment, so we didn’t see a point in changing it.

We bought most of the furniture from Ikea – we loooove Ikea and their style. It’s super simple and with clean lines – which is perfect for us. We tried to add a bit of color into the room with small details like the frames above the changing table/dresser or the tree wall decal. If you’re interested to know where something is from, I will have a list at the end of this post with most of the things you can see in the pictures above.

Ikea Malm dresser with changing table and minimalist nursery decor


As follows, you will be able to see how I organised all of his clothes and random items. We basically just have two storage places for him: the dresser and the big wardrobe. 

By the way, in case you’re thinking we have a LOT of clothes – we actually didn’t buy most of them. They were either gifted to us or they were hand-me-downs from my brother in law. We basically received a lot of clothes which was great, because buying baby clothes can get quite pricey if you add them all up.

white neutral baby boy room decor ideas
neutral baby boy nursery decor with ikea furniture

For the wardrobe, I separated his clothes by size/age, each shelf holding a different size. For example, I have a shelf filled with newborn things, one 0-2 months, 2-4 months, 4-6 months etc…you get the point. As for the things that are still waaay to big for him, I just stored them at the top of the wardrobe in two white baskets, so they look neat. I decided to just put those away for now, since he won’t be wearing them for quite a while.

On the hangers I basically just put the clothes I liked the most, so that it made a nice display as well. I’m sure that won’t last long in time, but at least for now it’s really neat 🙂

Near the wardrobe, you can see a little basket – we got that from Ikea as well, and it is just amazing! I throw in there random toys we play with or blankets and it’s a life saver. It makes tidying up so much easier. 

baby wardrobe organisation system with baskets
baby boy nursery tour clothes organised by size in ikea wardrobe


We decided not to get a special changing table, since we knew we would probably only end up using it a few months. Instead, we got this MALM dresser from Ikea and just put a changing mat on top.

So practical! Plus we get to use the dresser even as he grows up. I filled all of the drawers with the Ikea SKUBB dividers. These come in a set of 6 and one set fits perfectly in a drawer.

They’re super helpful for organizing and keeping everything in place. You can see below how much more organized everything looks in these dividers. 

In the first drawer I put diapers, bath items, towels, muslin cloths etc. The second drawer holds all of his socks, shoes, hats, mittens. And I didn’t fill completely that last drawer, but I put in there some extra bath towels, sheets for the crib, Water Wipes and some spare diapers.

organising tips for drawers in baby room for diapers
organising tips for baby products in ikea drawers
drawers organised with ikea separators for baby products in nursery

Here’s a quick list of where we got most things:

Cream arm-chair – Ikea PELLO
Dresser – Ikea MALM
Drawer dividers – Ikea SKUBB
Animals frames – (this is a Romanian website, but you can also find lots of very similar prints on Etsy)
Wardrobe – Ikea PAX (you can customize the size and insides on their websites)
Basket – Ikea (can’t seem to find it on their website at the moment)
Crib – Ikea GULLIVER
Grey stars blanket – C&A
Rug – Think Rugs
Grey sofa – Ikea ASARUM
Pillows (on sofa) – Ikea MATTRAM STOCKHOLM
Tree Wall decal – Woodland Fox & Friends Tree

I hope you found this neutral baby nursery tour helpful, along with some Ikea organising and storage tips.

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