100+ Profitable Blog Niches that Make Money in 2023

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How do I choose a profitable niche that actually makes money?

This is exactly what we’ll cover in today’s post. I am here to give you a huge list of 100+ profitable blog niches that make money and that can actually help you get a side income or a full time income.

Profitable Blog Niches that Make Money in 2021

What are the best niches for blogging?

The best niche for blogging depends entirely on you. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to figure out your blog niche. For example:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What could I talk about for hours?
  • What is something that I’ve overcome or struggled with in the past?
  • What is something I can help others with?

These will give you a better idea on what you could blog about.

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What is a profitable Blog niche?

A profitable blog niche is one that is searchable. Something that people are searching for on Google or Pinterest. Something that people need help with or need answers to.

Any niche that can get a high search volume has the potential to be very profitable.

The monetising options are similar for most blog niches, so it all comes down to you can how you can use your experience to help others.

But if you’re stuck on ideas on how you can even make money through a blog, you can read here How to Make Your First $100 Blogging, where I share the different monetising strategies out there.

100+ Best profitable blog niches That Make Money

Let’s dive into the list of 100+ most profitable blog niche ideas!

1. Food / recipes

Food blogs are incredibly successful, because they solve a very simple yet universal problem that we all have: what’s for dinner? Or what can I cook this week?

Most of us will go do a quick search on Google or Pinterest to find new recipe ideas.

And that’s where food blogs come in. They provide a lot of value and they keep their readers coming back for more ideas.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of sharing your recipes, but weren’t sure if it’s profitable: absolutely YES, go for it!

You can niche down even more depending on your target audience or a certain dietary style or a certain type of cooking (baking, roasting etc.)

2. Healthy eating

The healthy eating niche ties in a bit with the food blog one, but it’s more focused on what makes the recipes healthy.

You can take regular recipes we all make and put your own spin on them to make them healthier.

Share lists of easy tips that people can follow to live a healthier lifestyle through nutritious food. Share tips on how to eat less sugar. These are just a few examples of what you could post about on your healthy eating blog.

This niche is super profitable because a lot of people need help leading healthier lives. If you can help them get there faster, in digestible steps 🙂 – then you’ve got a profitable blog on your hands.

3. Baking

The baking niche is a more focused one related to food blogs.

On this type of blog you can share specifically your baking ideas, tips on how to make baking easier etc. How have you perfected your baking skills? What tricks have you learned along the way?

What baking recipes do you swear by?

Share in-depth posts about this consistently and you will see great results.

4. Meal planning

You can create a full blog dedicated just to helping people meal plan each week.

You could create cheatsheets, printables and lots of helpful articles to ease their meal planning journey.

These blogs are also a great way to showcase some of your favourite recipes – whether you’ve created them yourself or you found them on other websites (of course, with linking and giving them proper credit).

5. Vegetarian/vegan food

Lots of people are looking to change their eating habits to include more vegetarian or vegan options.

You can create a blog around that and help people who are just starting out on that journey.

Help them find good vegetarian or vegan recipes. Write articles on easy ways to transition to eating more vegetarian options. This niche is definitely a high demand and profitable one.

6. Parenting

Whether it’s how to handle toddler tantrums, how to deal with a difficult situation in parenting or just having a place to vent as a parent, a quality parenting blog is highly profitable.

Parents are always looking for help in raising little ones, in feeling more connected to them and doing the best job they can in parenting.

So your parenting blog can include lots of helpful tips, ideas and hacks to make parents’ lives easier.

7. Baby tips

New parents (or even parents who are not on their first born) are constantly googling everything baby related.

How to get them to sleep better, eat better, how to entertain them etc.

If you can create a blog that helps solve some of these problems or even just give them a few pointers and ideas from your experience, you will do really well.

8. Baby food/weaning

A baby food niche is super profitable. You can include lots of recipes for little ones and parents will love you for it.

Share products or tools they can use to make baby food faster, easier and healthier. And make sure to include affiliate links to all those products, so that you can earn a commission whenever someone purchases through those links.

9. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding

A very common struggle for new moms is feeding their babies. Whether that’s through breastfeeding, exclusive pumping or bottle feeding.

Share tips that you’ve learned, products they can use to make their lives easier, feeding routines or schedules they can follow etc.

10. Pregnancy

A niche blog on pregnancy can help so many moms-to-be.

You can blog about each trimester, what happens week by week, how to prepare for birth, what to pack in a hospital bag, lots of list posts with products or tips that would help pregnant women out.

11. Motherhood

The motherhood niche is very popular as well. I would even consider niching down further to a specific group of mothers, but this niche in general can be very profitable.

You can share tips according to child’s age, tips for the moms, productivity hacks etc.

12. Education

Your education niche blog can cover various topics, ages or types of students. You could share helpful resources, create printables and list-type articles to help teach a certain subject.

13. Homeschooling

The homeschooling niche has seen a bit boost this past year. With everything going on in the world, more and more people have been homeschooling, whether it was by choice or not.

So any homeschooling tips and tricks you can pack into helpful articles for parents out there will do amazing. Think: daily routines for homeschooling, cheatsheets with tips, how to stay organised as a homeschooling parent, activities for each school subject etc.

14. Kids activities

For smaller kids, parents are constantly searching on Pinterest for ideas on how to entertain them.

Niche down your blog to cover lots of activities, cheatsheets, printables, workbooks for little ones. You can categorise them by age (baby, toddler, pre-schooler etc.) and give tips to make it easier on parents.

15. Single parenting

This type of blog can offer parenting tips from the perspective of a single parent: how to handle difficult situations, how co-parenting works for you, daily routine as a single parent etc.

16. Family holidays

If you love planning family holidays or just days out in general, this would be a great blog to create. Share your best tips, money saving hacks for family holidays, packing tips or ideas to make the process smoother with kids.

17. Wedding tips

Whether you are a wedding planner or you’re just passionate about weddings in general, this could be a great blog to start. You can talk about wedding decor, food, trends, dresses, anything brides and grooms are searching for.

18. Marriage tips

Have you been married for years? Or just newly married but want to share your marriage tips so far?

Share helpful tips to stay connected with your spouse, handle disagreements, anything that could help a new married couple for example.

19. Relationship advice

If you can share any relationship tips or any ideas on how to handle different relationships in our lives, this could be a great blog for you to start.

20. Learning a language

Do you speak two or more languages? This would be a great blog to start to share your tips on how to learn a language.

These blogs are super profitable as well, because a lot of people need quick tips on how to learn a certain language for work or just personal reasons. You can easily create a course to sell for this type of blog and monetise it that way.

21. Learning an instrument

You could make your blog a full on guide on how to play a certain musical instrument, with lots of helpful articles and tricks on how to learn it faster or easier.

22. Living abroad/moving country

We have moved country a few years ago (from Transylvania, Romania all the way to the UK). And during that time I Googled so much anything related to the move.

So if you can offer helpful tips on the countries you have experience moving to/from, your blog will do really well.

23. College/study tips

Make studying easier for any college or uni student with a blog all about this. Share tricks, cheatsheets, ways to stay motivated, productivity tips etc.

24. Fashion

A great type of blog if you love putting together outfits is the fashion blog. My blog originally started as a simple fashion blog as well.

You will likely use lots of affiliate links to monetise this type of blog.

25. Travel

If your passion is traveling, then this is the blog niche for you. Travel blogs do really well and are highly profitable.

You can share different locations you’ve visited, tips on places to see, food to try etc.

26. Lifestyle (target an audience)

I still think a lifestyle blog can be profitable, even if it’s not super niched down (that’s how I started as well). I would suggest maybe niching down to a certain target audience if you don’t want to niche to a certain topic.

For example, you can have a lifestyle blogs that’s targeted towards first time moms, college students etc. You can niche down that way.

27. Home interiors

Home inspo is super successful as well. If you have an eye for beautiful home interiors or you have a unique decorating style, this is a great niche to go into. Also, home interior pins on Pinterest do really well!

28. Home decor on a budget

Similar to that, you can share home decor items you find on a budget, whether that’s in store or online. People love finding good bargains for current home decor trends. If you can fill that need for them, your blog will soar.

29. Beauty

A beauty blog can do really well, but I would suggest perhaps niching down even more, as beauty is such a broad topic.

You can talk specifically to a type of person looking for beauty tips, like: beauty tips for busy moms, bargain beauty for college students etc.

30. Skincare

A skincare blog can be so helpful to lots of people and is bound to do well, especially with affiliate marketing.

Again, just like the beauty niche, you can go even further and niche down to a smaller audience that you target, or maybe a skin type.

31. Nail art

The nail art niche is such a fun one, you can do really well on Pinterest with pin graphics on this topic, because people love to save these ideas for future reference.

32. Pets

If you’re a pet lover, this niche will be perfect for you. You can share tips on feeding them, potty training them, how to create a nice environment for pets etc.

33. Gardening

Whether you’ve got a full on allotment or you’re just a small hobby gardener in your back yard or flat balcony, you can share your tips on a blog and start earning money this way.

34. Homemaking

If you love creating a nice cosy home and you have tips on how to stay on top of everything that needs to get done in a day, then maybe a homemaking blog is the right choice for you.

35. Small house tips (renovation, storage etc)

We’ve lived in small houses or flats a lot throughout the years, and when we do, I always look on Pinterest for ideas on how to maximise space and storage.

So if you’ve got your own tips for this, then why not blog about it!

36. Buying first home

First time buyers have soo many questions and need a lot of help. Offer them those tips through your blog articles if you have any experience with buying a home.

37. Storage and organisation

If you love baskets, storage units, organising drawers and anything in between, you can blog about it and make a good income from it. These posts do super well on Pinterest and other social media.

38. Decluttering

Do you have some good tips on how to declutter a home and keep it tidy? What to keep, what to throw away, what can be repurposed etc. Share that in a blog.

39. Minimalism

Minimalism is a huge trend and it’s not going anywhere for now. So capitalise on that if you’re into minimalism yourself and create a blog with all your tips and ideas.

40. DIY

If you live for a good DIY project, these types of blogs do so well. You can offer step by step instructions on how to do each project. You can also create beautiful pins that are likely to take off easily on Pinterest.

41. Sustainable living

Sustainable living is increasingly prominent in our world and such a great topic to blog about. Sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing where to even start to be more sustainable, so offer your tips in your blog articles.

42. Eco-friendliness

And going along with sustainable living, you can talk about how to be more eco friendly and help the environment with small things you can change in your daily life.

43. Environment

Or you can talk about the environment in general, also a good niche to get into.

44. Photography

Whether you’ve been a photographer for years or you’ve just learned a few things playing around with your camera, you can start sharing your tips as you learn them in blog form. Photography is such a good topic to blog about.

45. Books

If you’re a book lover, you can create a full blog around it. You can share reviews on books, compare books, share 10 best books for moms, travellers, teachers etc.

46. Art

Whether you’re into drawing or watercolour or any other form of art, you can share your ideas and techniques you’ve learned in a blog.

47. Music

Or if you’re into music, this can be a great niche for you to blog about.

48. Netflix guide/movie guide

Are you loving your Netflix every evening? Why not turn that into a blog? Share reviews of new titles as soon as they come out, so that people who search for that on Google can find your articles.

49. Board games

If you love a good board game night, then this is the blog for you. Share reviews for each board game that you play (and include affiliate links to each in order to monetise it), create lists of board games that are perfect for different types of people etc.

50. Time Management

Are you great at managing your time? Or maybe you’ve struggled with it a lot and now have a few good techniques under your belt? Time management blogs are amazing and super helpful.

51. Productivity

Similar to that, if you have productivity tips on how to get more done, how to stay focused, how to be more productive in general, this would be a great blog for you to start.

52. Finance

Finance blogs do really well because, well, we all have to figure out our finances at one point or another. So share your financing tips in blog form.

53. Money saving

Along the same lines, you could talk about money saving. What are the different ways to save money, what tricks you have learned from your experience etc.

54. Budgeting

Budgeting is also big. Share tips on how to budget your money each month, how much to allocate for different expenses or needs, how to be smart with your budget etc.

55. Tax advice

If you’re more of a professional on this, you could easily create a blog all about tax advice. You could niche down even further and talk about tax advice for a certain group of people, for example tax tips for bloggers, beginner entrepreneurs, etc.

56. Entrepreneurship

If you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’ve been at it for a while or you’re just learning as you go, share your tips in a blog. This would be a great niche, as more and more people are starting their own small businesses.

57. Freelancing

Have you been freelancing? How do you find freelancer jobs? How do you make sure to stay productive and focused on your freelancing projects? What is your daily routine like? These could all make for a great blog.

58. Writing

If you’re a writer, you’ve got a great opportunity here to share your writing tips in blog form.

59. Career advice

Nearly everyone finishes school and then has to take the time to figure out what career they actually want.

Or some are on a career path and would like to change, but have no idea where to go. This is where you come in with a career advice blog.

60. Tips for your profession (teacher, accountant etc.)

Whether you’re a teacher, an accountant, a doctor, you can share your tips and experience in a niche blog.

61. Self employment

Are you self employed? What are the hurdles you’ve overcome and what can you share with others to help them in their journey?

62. Real estate

If you’re a realtor, you can make a good side income from sharing the tips that help you in your profession.

63. Renters guide

Can you talk a lot about what to expect as a renter? For example, what to be mindful of, what to ask when viewing a place, what to look out for in contracts etc.

64. Graphic design

A graphic design blog is a great one. So if you’ve got any sort of experience or you’re just self taught, you can share your graphic design tips for anyone looking to learn.

65. Programming

Create a blog all around your experience as a programmer, what tools or websites you use to help you out, what tips you have for beginner programmers etc.

66. Web development

Similar to the niche above, you can create a blog all about web development.

67. Blogging

Blogging about blogging is awesome if you have any experience or tips you can share with a beginner blogger. Blogging is going nowhere, so why not talk about what you’ve learned and make money from it!

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68. Editing

If you have any tips for editing, whether that’s photo editing or video editing, a blog all about this would be amazing. You can even repurpose a lot of your content for YouTube, for example, with click by click tutorials.

69. Social media

Social media is here to stay! So if it’s something you enjoy and have some tips on, you can create a blog all about helping people who are just getting started on their social media accounts.

70. Marketing

Marketing is a great niche as well, and you could niche down even further. For example, you could talk about marketing for bloggers, marketing for small businesses etc.

71. SEO

Everyone wants Google to love them, don’t we? So if you’ve got some good tips on SEO and ranking, this is the niche for you.

72. Pinterest tips

Have you got a good grip on how to create pins that go viral? What tips and tricks we could use to grow on Pinterest? Then create a blog all about Pinterest strategies.

73. Youtube tips

Whether you’re a big YouTuber or just starting out, you can always create a blog about the tips you’ve learned so far that have helped you in your journey.

74. Instagram tips

Instagram is also highly searched for. It’s partially what I talk about on here as well. Share your Instagram tips and strategies in blog form.

75. Facebook tips

Or if you’re more of a Facebook person, then create a blog all about how to grow a Facebook page, how to manage Facebook groups etc.

76. Etsy tips

Have you got some experience with a small Etsy shop? Any tips you have could be hugely helpful for someone just starting their own Etsy.

77. Podcast tips

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Share tips on how to start a podcast, how to create your first podcast episode, how to grow it etc.

78. WordPress

If you’re more techy and love all things WordPress, bloggers are always searching on Google for how to do things on their WordPress sites.

79. Affiliate marketing

If you’ve had some success with affiliate marketing, share what you did to get there. Helping others will help your blog.

80. Making money online

Now more than ever, people are looking to make an income online, working from home. A blog all about this would be amazing.

81. Tech

If you like testing out new tech products, share your reviews on them, compare them, then this is the niche for you.

82. Gaming

If you’re a gamer and love jumping on the bandwagon as soon as a new game is out, you can create a blog all about that.

83. Sports

If you’re a sports person, you can share that in a blog.

84. Local news

Local news websites are also great and profitable, but they are very hands on. You have to be constantly out there finding out what’s going on in your local area.

85. Fitness

Fitness is quite a broad niche, so I would perhaps narrow it down to a type of person looking for tips. Fitness for moms, fitness for busy people etc.

86. Running

I recently got into running and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve Googled all things running: what shoes I need, techniques to improve my stamina, how to start running etc. This is a great niche to blog about.

87. Swimming

If you love swimming, then share your tips on that.

88. Cycling

Similar to the ones above, you can create a blog all about cycling tips.

89. Weight lifting

Another type of exercise that a lot of people are interested in is weight lifting.

90. Weight loss

If you have weight loss tips, how to improve your health and create healthy habits, then this blog is for you.

91. At Home Exercises

More people are focusing on working out at home, so if you love that too, then share your favourite exercises to do in your living room.

92. Self improvement

Any sort of self improvement is something people are constantly looking for. We all want to live better, happier lives, don’t we?

93. Health

Our health is the most important thing. So a blog that share tips on how to stay healthy tips in small, actionable steps, would do really well.

94. Mental Health

And going along with the above, mental health is equally important. If you’re a professional, or if you have tips after some struggles you’ve had with mental health, share your journey in a blog.

95. Psychology

Psychology is also a great niche to blog about if you have experience in that.

96. Anxiety

So many people struggle with anxiety, but sometimes struggle to say it out loud. A blog all about anxiety tips and techniques to get a handle on anxiety would be amazingly helpful.

97. Mindset

Your mindset can be so powerful, so learning tips on how to get into a more positive mindset can have a huge impact on someone’s life.

98. Mindfulness

Or if you have mindfulness techniques or tips, do share them in a blog all about this.

99. Yoga

Yoga is such a great practice for the body and the mind, so share your favourite yoga exercises, tips etc.

100. Meditation

If you’ve got meditation down, then share tips on how beginners can get started with it as well.

101. Sewing / crocheting

Think sewing patterns, crocheting ideas, tips. These will do well on Pinterest too.

100 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas to Make Money Blogging

I hope this list of 100+ profitable blog niches that make money has helped you!

Ready to start a blog, but don’t know how?

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