8 Biggest Struggles of Beginner Bloggers

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Are you a beginner blogger?

Then you will probably struggle with these things too.

We have asked multiple bloggers what their biggest struggle was in the beginning of their journey and these were the results. 

Biggest Struggles of Beginner Bloggers

I’m also sharing the things that I have found people struggle with the most when it comes to blogging – from conversations that I’ve previously had through emails or DM’s on Instagram with students or people who are just starting out in their blogging journey.

If you also find yourself dealing with any of these things, know that you are not alone and that there are certain things you can do to help you on your journey and to get you results faster.

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Blogging is NOT dead

I just wanted to start by quickly saying that blogging is absolutely not dead, because I know a lot of people assume this when it comes to blogs.

“But who even reads blogs these days?” – I hear you ask.

Well lots of people, actually. 

Current stats say that 77% of internet users actually still read blogs. (*source)

And to be honest, as long as people still Google things and questions, blogs will not be dead and they will still be very much active and profitable.

Just think about how many times in your lifetime have you gone to Google and searched for things like “how do I do this” or “how do I do that”. The articles that you have read that answered your questions are most likely from blogs like mine that are making a profit from doing this.

And this can be you as well.

Biggest Struggles of Beginner Bloggers

So if you’ve decided to start a blog or if you already have a blog but you’re not getting anywhere with it so far, then you might be dealing with one of the problems below. But there are things you can do to improve and to grow your blog further.

8 Biggest Problems that Beginner Bloggers Face

Here is what some of my students inside Blogging Secrets have said were some of their biggest struggles as beginner bloggers.

1. Figuring out SEO and various platforms

Blogging Secrets Course Students

Alison at AlisonJulie.com says: 

“My biggest struggle was trying to figure out things like SEO, how to use platforms such as Canva and Pinterest to boost traffic. Also figuring out how to set up my blog correctly. Enrolling into Madeline’s Blogging Secrets course helped me so much with all these things.

So many people struggle with what Alison described here.

To be honest, when you’re just starting out there is so much to learn. 

How SEO works, how to properly use Pinterest, how to write to rank in Google, how to design things in Canva and so much more – the overwhelm can be so overpowering that it keeps most people stuck in this phase.

This is exactly why on this blog I’ve started sharing lots of tips about all these platforms, so that I can help as many of you as possible to have a smoother blogging journey. And it’s also why I’ve created my courses for those of you who are ready to speed up the process of having a successful blog and online business.

2. Creating more content consistently

Blogging Secrets Course Students

Raluca at ParentbyConnection.com says: 

My biggest struggle was: “creating content for my website – but I am making a plan and hopefully will get more content out there soon.”

Staying consistent and creating content on a regular basis can be a big struggle for a lot of bloggers just starting out. It takes a while to figure out your routine and to get into the habit of content creation.

If you need more help with this, you might want to have a look at this post on how to stay organised as a content creator.

3. Getting over the fear of writing your first post

Blogging Secrets Course Students

Cynthia at CynthiaintheWild.com says: 

My biggest struggle was: “creating a landing page and getting over the fear of writing my first post.”

It can be so nerve-wrecking putting out your first piece of content or your first blog post. 

But in reality, not a lot of people will read that first blog post. Which is actually a good thing, because it allows you to improve before you get a huge readership.

So don’t put too much pressure on getting that first piece of content “perfect”. It will never be perfect, as we are always our own worst critics.

Instead, it is much more productive to just get that content out there and to look to improve in time. It is all a learning process.

These habits of successful women and mindset shifts are so powerful when it comes to this.

4. Overthinking things and feeling overwhelmed

Blogging Secrets Course Students

Vanessa at MumsHappyPlace.com says: 

“The biggest struggle is the fear it won’t work and overthinking things. I found that by breaking things down into small tasks really helped me not feel overwhelmed. I think it’s really important to enjoy what you are doing, there needs to be some passion for your chosen niche if you want to succeed. Despite the slow start I am still very grateful and proud of everything I have learnt and built so far.

I absolutely love what Vanessa described here. I absolutely believe you need to have passion for the niche/topics you choose to blog about. Because if you don’t enjoy it, you will likely burn out really quickly.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow we go. As long as you keep moving forward and learning as much as you can, you will start to see results from your blog. It’s only a matter of time.

5. Time management

Blogging Secrets Course Students

Catarina at CoffeewithCat.com says: 

“Time management – I’m trying to remember that even if I’m not earning from blogging, this is something I love to do and should make time, instead of being scrolling TikTok or Instagram when my girl is asleep, I can use that hour to blog, even if is not much, if I do it every weekend I will have posts to publish.”

Feeling like we don’t have enough time to blog is one of the biggest struggles we face when starting out. 

And yes, our circumstances can make it more difficult to put in a lot of hours into a blog. Like if you already have a 9-5 or you have children at home. It will obviously be harder to manage your time. But it is absolutely doable.

Here’s more on how to find the time to start an online business while working a 9-5 (or as a busy mum).

6. Finding ideas that felt worthy enough

Blogging Secrets Course Students

Tahlia at ChronicallyCrafty.com says: 

“My biggest struggle was finding something I thought would be worth writing about. I’ve overcome it by realising that if I’ve enjoyed writing it, then there’s probably someone out there who would enjoy reading it!”

The fear of what others will think or whether our content will be in any way helpful or worthy – this fear is such a common thing when you’re a content creator.

It is so true, though, that there most likely will be an audience out there for whatever type of content you’re creating. 

And even though we might sometimes feel like it’s not worthwhile or uninteresting, or we might get that feeling of “who’s even going to read this” – the truth is that a lot of people who are similar to you or are going through similar experiences will find your content helpful and relatable.

7. Imposter syndrome

Jen at PhasesofUnicron.com says:

“Consistency, probably due to imposter syndrome. Every time I want to write, my confidence kills any idea that I have and so don’t end up producing anything. I’m taking the Blogging Secrets course to try and overcome this!”

Imposter syndrome and lacking the confidence in the beginning is completely normal. It’s probably one of the things most often mentioned by my students.

Starting a blog and an online business is very out of our comfort zone.

8. Finding that balance

LaRissa from LaRissaJ.com says:

“My biggest struggle as a beginning blogger was balancing it all. As a busy working wife and mama, I had to learn very early that it is important to extend myself grace. Once I did, I was able to create a schedule that allowed me to take care of my family, my responsibilities, and my blog without stretching myself too thin.”

Absolutely, finding the right balance that works for us can be tough in the beginning.

Most of us will have other things going on in our lives, whether it’s kids or another full time job. So when you try to add blogging on top of that, it can feel overwhelming.

But working on creating an organisational system will massively help you stay consistent without losing yourself in it.

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level, come join us in the Blogging Secrets program to really help you build that successful blog. 

Biggest Struggles of Beginner Bloggers

There you have some of the biggest struggles of beginner bloggers starting out on this journey.

Have you struggled with any of these things too as a blogger? 

Let’s chat in the comments.

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