10 Self Care Ideas For Mums

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10 Self care ideas for busy moms

Self care is more than just a bubble bath! Here are 10 self care ideas for mums.

Sure, bubble baths are nice, they definitely help you relax. But there’s so much more you could do to wind down and gain your energy back as a mum.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, can you?

So today I thought I would share a few self care ideas that are game-changers, even if they seem like such little things.

I know sometimes we reach the end of the day and after bedtime I’m so exhausted that all I want to do is be a couch potato. And I think that’s absolutely fine.

We all need those slow moments in our routines too, especially after a day with wild little ones.

If you are reading this and all you did today was take a shower, or cook one meal, or just play with your little ones – you’re doing an amazing job.

We need to be kind to ourselves, we’re all doing the best we can each day.

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10 Self Care Ideas For Mums

1. Take Small Steps To Healthier Eating Habits

Having healthy eating habits does not mean you need to go on a diet. I personally don’t believe in restricting foods, but rather listening to your body when it feels full.

When most of us hear the words healthy eating, we probably instantly think of cutting out lots of foods, which is not necessarily the case.

Instead, we can take small steps that can make a big difference in how we feel.

Because the point of these healthy habits is NOT only about how we look and not about getting that postpartum body back – that’s never going to happen.

We need to pride ourselves in these bodies that carried life for 9 months.

This is about how we feel.

For example, I make it a point every morning to have a glass of water before my coffee. And one afterwards if I remember.

It sounds so simple, but it truly helps you stay hydrated and have more energy throughout the day.

Another healthy habit is having meals at roughly the same time every day. We try to do that as much as possible.

smoothie ideas at home

One thing that has really helped is having smoothies instead of breakfast when I don’t feel like putting together a proper meal.

Smoothies are packed full of fruit and veg and can give you a great boost of energy to start your day.

I was kindly gifted these smoothie kits by The Honestly Good Smoothie Company and they’re a game changer. They are so convenient and a perfect breakfast or snack for busy mums.

My favourite one is probably the Happy Hemp one, with mango, lime, cucumber, almonds and more. Delish!

The company is also all about sustainable packaging and just overall very environmentally friendly.

honestly good smoothie company uk

2. Create Little Relaxing Rituals

I have created these rituals for myself that I actually really enjoy on a daily basis. They seem so insignificant, but they do make a difference in how you feel.

I try to enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning on the sofa or the living room floor with my toddler while he plays.

When (if) he goes down for a nap at noon, I will treat myself to another cuppa while I do something I enjoy – whether that’s blogging or watching something I love.

After bedtime, I always have some sort of a dessert. I try to do my skincare right after his bedtime, so that I don’t leave it until I’m getting ready to go to bed myself and am too exhausted.

That way I get to actually enjoy doing my skincare at night.

3. Unfollow What Makes You Unhappy Or Anxious

Social media is what you make it to be. It can be a positive and uplifting place if you surround yourself with accounts that bring you joy.

Or it can be an anxiety inducing place if you have a daily feed of negativity, comparison or drama.

If you notice an account that makes you feel anxious or unhappy, simply unfollow. If it’s the news that keep popping up and making you stressed out, unsubscribe from those.

Yes, it’s important to stay up to date, but reading the news 1-2 times a day for the crucial information you need is more than enough.

Your time is too precious to waste it on things that don’t make you feel positive.

4. Dedicate Time To A Hobby

I feel grateful that I get to work on my blog and YouTube channel and call it a hobby that has now turned into a job. I do still feel like working on these projects that I am passionate about brings me joy and purpose.

Whether your hobby involves crafting, sewing, reading, playing computer games, whatever it may be. Find that something that relaxes you and helps you recharge.

5. Get Moving

I have never been a huge fitness person and I probably never will. But I do find that even getting a bit of moving going helps so much mentally as well.

I love going on walks, doing an at-home YouTube workout sometimes or even just having a dance party with my toddler in the living room.

6. Have An At Home Spa Session

I know I mentioned bubble baths are not the only form of self-care, but they do help.

So the next evening when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, fill up the tub and make it a bit extra.

Light a candle, put some bubbles in, put on a face mask, give yourself a mani-pedi, read a book while soaking. It’s therapeutic, isn’t it?

7. Make A To-Do List

You might be thinking – a to-do list? What does that have to do with self care?

It doesn’t have to be a long intricate list. Put on a few chores you need to get done that day or just any random things you want to accomplish.

Even if you put just 3 things on that list and tick them off at the end of the day, it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

It sounds odd, but it actually works wonders for helping you stay positive and making you realize that you actually did get things done that day.

self care ideas for moms netflix

8. Binge Some Netflix

Some evenings are exactly for that – just binge watching your new favourite series. And that’s perfectly ok, it’s nice to get that time to relax and unwind.

Some of my favourites that I have watched recently: Workin’ Moms, The Stranger, Safe, Call the Midwife.

What have you been watching lately?

I would love to know your favourites as I’m always looking for great series to watch.

Self care ideas for busy moms at home

9. Colouring Books

Colouring books are definitely not only for kids.

You can find intricate patterned colouring books for adults that are great for mindful relaxation.

It’s a great self care thing you can mindlessly do and it’s quite therapeutic to be honest.

10. Laugh Out Loud

Whether it’s funny YouTube video, playing silly games with your kids or you’ve just discovered TikTok – having a good laugh does wonders for your mental state.

I recently discovered TikTok myself (I always thought it was just for younger people) and I’m having a blast.

There’s actually a lot of relatable mum content as well and, let me tell you, the mums on there are hilarious.

I hope these 10 self care ideas for mums are a bit helpful and I hope you’re all doing ok during these times.

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