How to Stay Organised as a Blogger, Creator | How to Use Trello for Content Planning

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How do you stay organised as a blogger? Or content creator? Or influencer?

If you’re struggling to stay consistent on any platform online, then this blog post is going to help you out, because I’m going to walk you through the entire content creation process.

How I plan, how I organise my content and how I get so much done in a week.

How to Stay Consistent as a Blogger, Content Creator or Influencer

I post quite a few content pieces on multiple platforms in a week. I have this Youtube channel for blogging and social tips, a second Youtube channel that’s more lifestyle, cleaning and home decor type of channel. Then I also have this blog and two Instagram accounts (here and here). 

How to stay organised as content creator blogger or influencer

I create quite a lot of content in a week. This is not a process that came overnight. It’s not something that I just knew how to do. It’s something that I’ve  perfected throughout the years, because I have been in this online space for quite a while. 

I’ve been doing this for so long that I feel like I’ve gotten into a routine. To be honest, the best way that you can stay consistent is to create a plan and a schedule for yourself and to stick with it. 

I’m actually a mom as well, so I really have to prioritise and organise things very well in order to stay on top of it. I don’t just sit all day long to create content or scroll on Instagram all day long. 

I have a few hours in the mornings when my child goes to preschool to get all my work done. And then sometimes I work at night after his bedtime too. But those are pretty much all the working hours I get in a day, so I have to really make the most of them.

 So I’m going to show you exactly how I make the most out of those little hours that I actually work on creating my content. 

I do create quite a lot of content, so if you look at my schedule and will feel like it’s a lot, please don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Because I have done this for years, it’s gotten easier and faster for me to film videos, to edit videos, create blog posts etc. 

Obviously the more you do it, the faster you get at it. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t put up that much content in a week, because this is definitely something that you learn in time.

Whether you’re here because you want to create consistently on Instagram, on your blog, on a Youtube channel – it doesn’t matter what platform it may be – this applies for any of them.

Why does consistency matter in blogging?

I feel like consistency is so underrated. A lot of people want to know the strategies, the tips and the hacks, how to grow fast, how to get more followers etc. 

And yes, all of that strategy part is important and you do need to learn about SEO and everything that comes with growing online. But a big part of it is actually just staying consistent enough. 

How to stay organised as content creator blogger or influencer

You could learn all of the strategies from the most experienced guru out there, but if you’re not consistent and actually taking the action and putting in place all of those things that you learn, it’s just pointless. 

You do need to stay consistent, create that content and put it out there. We all need to stop second-guessing ourselves and simply post content more often. 

It’s those little pieces of content that you put in every day and every week that are going to get you the results. So yes, strategy is important, but it’s just as important – if not more – to actually stay consistent with your content creation process. 

I’m going to walk you through my three-step method on how I stay consistent and organised on social media and my blog.

Step 1: Keep a list of content ideas

Step one for me is to do my research for ideas. I brainstorm, do keyword research and make a list of content ideas. 

For this step, I go on to Google search, depending on the platform that I want to create content for. 

How do I research topics for my blog’s content plan?

For example, if it’s content for my blog or Youtube channel, I would usually go on to Google search, Pinterest search and obviously on Youtube as well. 

I will just look through ideas, do my keyword research and I have a few tools that I use for that. But you don’t need to pay for any tools, you can use absolutely free tools as well. 

How do I find topics for YouTube? 

For example, for my Youtube I use the TubeBuddy extension, which has a free version as well. I’m on the paid version now because I wanted a few more features, but you can absolutely use the free one. 

For Google, you can absolutely just use the Google search bar. The suggestions that Google gives you and also that little box that says “People also ask” in Google search – these can give you so many ideas for content. 

How to use trello for editorial content planning

And these are things that people are actually searching for, so you know they want answers on that topic. 

How do I get content ideas for Instagram?

For Instagram ideas I will search for topics on Google and Pinterest just to  see what people are looking for and what they need help with in my niche. But I will also scroll on to Reels, for example, to find trending audio for that. Then I will create a spreadsheet just for Instagram Reels where I have my topics that I want to cover and also the trending audio that I want to include. 

How do I create a content calendar in Google Sheets?

While I’m doing this  keyword research and ideas search, I will make a Google sheets list. 

You probably already have a Gmail account, but if you don’t you can create a free one easily. You will then have access to Google Docs and Google Sheets.

In Google sheets, I will create a table, a full spreadsheet of all of my ideas. 

How to Plan Content Creation in Google Sheets

I have a separate spreadsheet for my blog content, another one for my Youtube channel and I also have a separate one for Instagram ideas. 

This planning out ahead of the ideas makes it really easy when it comes to sitting down to create your content. 

Because let’s say you put on your to-do list today that you’re going to film a Youtube video, but you don’t already know what it’s going to be about. 

When you sit down to actually film it, it’s going to be so overwhelming because you don’t know what you want to talk about. 

Same goes if you want to create Instagram Reels and you just take out your phone, but you don’t have a plan in advance. 

You’re just going to feel overwhelmed and you’re more likely to procrastinate, put it off and just not get it done. 

This is why creating a spreadsheet of ideas is so helpful.

I also have a Notes app on my phone, where I write ideas as they come to me. 

Because you are already scrolling on Instagram or other platforms every single day. And when you’re scrolling, you might have an idea pop in your head. Write it down in your notes app, because you’re going to forget otherwise. 

Having that little note where you keep all of your ideas is really helpful, because when you do go to plan out your content and schedule it into your week, you already have those ideas to pick from. 

So you won’t have to come up with ideas at the top of your head, because that’s really hard to do.

Step 2: Create a monthly board in Trello

Step two is to create a board for the month. 

How do you plan a month of content?

I use Trello boards for this and it’s free to use. I simply create a board for each month and that’s going to contain my monthly schedule of the exact content that I need to create for that month. 

How to use trello for editorial content planning

This is what my monthly plan looks like for August. 

How to use trello for editorial content planning

You can choose a nice background to it, which I like to have as a visual inspiration board. 

Then I will create four lists in this August board, one for each week of that month. 

I have this template that I use for each month, containing all the main types of content that I need to create every single week. 

For me, these weekly pieces of content include: 

  • Email Newsletter – that I send every week to my email list. 
  • Facebook groups  – sometimes I will put this on my list so that I check in on my Facebook groups.
  • Two Youtube videos for my second channel about blogging and social media tipsMadeline Blogs is the channel where I publish these videos on blogging and social tips. 
  • Two blog posts – I will write two blog posts for this blog, which will usually be the same topics as the ones on my Youtube channel. It depends on the week, but for the most part it’s the same topics, because I like to create video content and also blog content and then interlink them. That’s a really good strategy if you have both a blog and a Youtube channel.
  • One or two Youtube videos for my main channel – For my other Youtube channel, which is actually my main one, that’s for cleaning, homemaking and lifestyle.
  • Batch create Instagram posts and reels

I label all of these tasks in my Trello boards, because it just makes it easier for me to see everything at a glance when I’m looking at my monthly board. 

How to use trello for editorial content planning

I will also create a mini-checklist for each of these tasks. For example, for a blog post I have a checklist that includes: keyword research, outline, write the text, add photos or graphics and then some final proofreading and SEO check. 

How to use trello for editorial content planning

How do you batch create content for Instagram?

On the last week of each month, this is my usual batching week. 

What this means is on the last week of each month I try my best to batch create some content for certain platforms. 

How to use trello for editorial content planning

I don’t usually batch create the content for my main platforms. What I mean by main platforms is the rich type of content, so the content that’s long form and in-depth. That’s my blog and Youtube. 

That’s my rich content and that’s hard to batch create, because it just takes a long time. 

For rich content, I like to spread that out during every single week. 

During batching week I also do admin things behind the scenes, that I don’t really enjoy to do but they have to be done, like the accounting part of things, the taxes, keeping the receipts, statements, invoices that I send to brands and everything that goes into that. 

Then I will batch create content for my Instagram.

During August, I will plan out and schedule most of my pictures for September for my Instagram. I will batch take outfit photos for my main Instagram account. I film the reels for my second Instagram account. I will film around 10 reels for this Instagram account and this takes me about two hours to do. So I will sit down and film a whole bunch of reels, save them in my drafts and on my phone, and I have them ready to go throughout the next month. 

I also create carousel type posts on Instagram in this batching week. 

I am also on LiketoKnow.It (LTK) and there I schedule some of my posts in advance, just so that I know I have those going out and I don’t forget to post them. 

If you don’t know what LTK or rewardStyle is, it’s basically an affiliate program with good commission rates for fashion, home and lifestyle influencers or bloggers. You can read more about it in these blog posts about how to use rewardStyle and how to get accepted fast to rewardStyle or

How do you batch create pins for Pinterest?

During batching week I will also create Pinterest pins. I create Pinterest pins for each blog post that I write when I write it.

So I do create those every single time I write a new blog post, but then I will also take time once a month (usually something like an hour or two) to batch create a bunch of pins. 

I batch create pins for all the older blog posts that I want to revive and bring more attention to. And then I schedule them in Tailwind to go out throughout the next month or so.

That’s pretty much step two on how I create my schedule for the month.

Step 3: How to plan the content calendar into daily to-do lists

Now that I have my monthly plan all done and spread out throughout each week of the month, I can go ahead and create my daily to-do lists.

I will usually do this process every Sunday, when I plan out the week ahead and create to-do lists for each day of the next week.

The way that I do this is I take my phone out and I create lists in my Notes app.

I have created to-do lists for every single day of the week, Monday through Friday. 

Let’s say I’m planning week three of August. 

I will start by putting in all of these tasks into my daily schedule, so that I can see what I need to do every single day to make sure I check off everything off my weekly list. 

How to organise daily to do lists notes app on iPhone

Monday To-Do List 

Sending the newsletter usually goes on Monday. Then also on Monday I will film my Youtube video for my main channel. 

For this task of filming my video I will also include that I need to edit the video, create the thumbnail, edit the description box and then upload. 

I won’t publish it on this day, because I usually publish it the next week. So I create my content a week in advance for the most part. 

How to organise daily to do lists notes app on iPhone

Tuesday To-Do List

On Tuesday I usually batch film two videos for my second channel. For example, during this week I will film how I stay organized and then I will also film how to write a blog post fast. 

How to organise daily to do lists notes app on iPhone

Wednesday To-Do List

On Wednesday I will edit videos. The ones that I have filmed previously on Tuesday. I will also create the thumbnails, upload and obviously fill in the description box. Pretty much everything that goes into getting those videos up and ready to schedule for the next week.

How to stay organised as a blogger daily to do lists notes app on iPhone

Thursday To-Do List

Then on Thursday I will write one of my blog posts. So on this particular Thursday I will write how I stay organised and that’s obviously the post that you’re reading right now. 

For this, I write each small task that goes into it: I will outline, write the actual text, create pin graphics and images, I will do the SEO part. There’s a whole bunch of things that go into creating a blog post and that’s what I plan to do on this Thursday.

How to stay organised as a blogger daily to do lists notes app on iPhone

Friday To-Do List

On Friday I will just do my last blog post. Again, I will outline, write the text, create pin images and check SEO. 

That’s my schedule for a week. That’s how I create my content and that is how I schedule my content for each month and each week.

How to stay organised as a blogger daily to do lists notes app on iPhone

This way, when I wake up in the morning, I just look at my notes app and I know exactly what I need to do that day. 

I’ve noticed when I wake up in the morning and I don’t have a set list for that specific day, I get really overwhelmed. I don’t know what to start with first and I just end up not doing a lot and I just procrastinate. 

That’s obviously not a good place to be in. 

Everyone works differently. But for me if I wake up in the morning and I have a set list of the two or three main tasks that I need to do that day, I’m much more likely to get those done. 

It’s not as overwhelming, because I know exactly step by step what I need to do. 

I highly encourage you to give this method a try and plan out your content in advance. I hope this post on how to stay organised as a blogger, creator or influencer was helpful.

Do you struggle with being consistent with your content? Comment below, let’s have a chat!

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