20 Spots You Forgot to Spring Clean | SPRING CLEANING TIPS & CHECKLIST

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20 spots you forgot to spring clean

I’m pretty sure March is the official month to start spring cleaning, right? 🙂 I actually started a bit early this year and I did a whole bunch of videos on that. BUT now that I’m done with a lot of large areas of my home, I decided to look into things that I might have forgotten about or overlooked. Which is why I compiled this list of 20 things you might also be forgetting to spring clean, along with my spring cleaning tips.

reusable bags spring cleaning tips
Reusable grocery bags

These are amazing for saving money AND the environment at the same time. They’re pretty awesome and come in so many different designs (I got mine at Ikea). However, we should remember to clean these once in a while since they can get quite dirty in time. I put these in the washing machine at a low setting and it worked perfectly. If you have more delicate ones, you can hand wash or just soak in some soapy water.


A refresh is always nice for curtains and drapes. A cleaning hack for these is to wash them in quite cold water (I use 30 degrees Celsius on my washer) and hang them back up right after you take them out of the washing machine. This way they don’t get wrinkled and it saves you some ironing.

Windows & window sills

I think windows are usually on most people’s spring cleaning checklists, but you might be forgetting the window sills and these gather quite a bit of dust.

dusting lighting fixtures cleaning tips
Lighting fixtures

Anything that is high up is likely to be forgotten about. I used a feather duster for these since I can barely reach them (short people problems, haha), but it worked out really well.

Exhaust vents

We have two of these in our bathrooms and they get pretty disgusting quite fast, since there’s a lot of steam which helps dust get trapped on there. 

Under bed

Not gonna lie, this was quite embarrassing in our case and the main reason for that is that our bed is really heavy and hard to move, so we don’t do this very often. 

Under sofa

This was not too bad, since moving the sofa is far easier than moving the bed. We did find a whole lot of toys under there though. I vacuumed any dust and mopped as well to make it all fresh and clean.


Two things you can do here: 

1. Sprinkle baking soda all over, let it sit for 1-2 hours and then vacuum it all up. This is supposed to help absorb any moisture and refresh the mattress a bit. 

2. Flip it once in a while, so that it doesn’t get a huge dent in the one spot where you usually sleep.


For soft toys I choose to use my washing machine because it’s easy, convenient and I haven’t had a problem with any toys getting ruined (make sure you use a gentle setting or hand wash if you have delicate toys). 

As far as plastic ones go, I put some soapy water (with Fairy dish soap) in a bowl and give them all a good scrub, then rinse and towel dry. 

TIP: for this not to get too overwhelming, don’t try to do all toys at once. For example, I did toy vegetables on one day, cars on another day and so on. Otherwise you might be put off doing this since you’re likely to own A LOT of toys for your kid.

On top of fridge & wardrobes

Oh my, the amount of dust that accumulated on there is unbelievable. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned on top of the fridge, which means it’s bad. I used the feather duster to get most of the dust out of the way and then I used a cloth with furniture spray in order to be a bit more thorough.

Door frames & knobs

There are spots that you touch a lot throughout the day, so they accumulate a lot of germs. They’re also easily overlooked, so make sure you spray them down once in a while.

Lining of laundry baskets

We have two laundry baskets, both with lining in them. Since you put all your dirty clothes in there, it’s no wonder that the lining will get a bit gross as well. I just take it out and put it in with my regular laundry every few weeks.

Chairs & under table

I don’t necessarily mean the surface underneath the table, but more like the furniture legs and areas like that. They can get quite a lot of food splashes and you might not even notice.

Toothbrush holder

This can get quite a lot of water trapped in there, so make sure to take it out and clean it up well.

Cleaning supplies 

Yes, your cleaning supplies also need some care. I wiped the broom, the mop, I swapped any sponges that I use and I put all my cleaning cloths in the washer.

Light switches

Again, these are spots that you touch a lot, so they need a good wipe once in a while.

Remote control

You probably use this every single day. Let’s not even mention the fact that you’re probably eating your nacho chips, wiping your hands on your sweatpants and then reaching for the remote (that was definitely not me last night, no way). So remember to wipe this down every now and then.

Trash can

This will obviously get really dirty easily. I actually take it out and wash it in the bathtub, because it’s much easier when you have a larger space that you can work with.

Dish washer filter

Food bits can get stuck in this filter, so you should take it out and clean it thoroughly, because this will ensure your dishes get properly cleaned when you run the dish washer next time.

Decor pillows

You might not be sleeping on these, but they will get dirty regardless. All of mine are washing machine friendly, so (again) I just used a gentle setting to give them a quick refresh.

If you want to see this spring cleaning routine in action, you can check out this video I did:

I do cleaning videos quite a lot on my YouTube channel if you want to get some more spring cleaning tips and motivation. I also have a few other cleaning and home posts that you might enjoy.

How many of these did you do already? Which ones did you forget about?

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