45 Instagram Story Ideas 2023

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45 Instagram Stories Content Ideas and Tips

Consistency is hard! Get these 45 Instagram story ideas for 2022!

You have probably heard how important it is to stay consistent when you’re trying to grow on Instagram.

But what about those days when you are feeling stuck on what to post and lacking inspiration?

I have compiled here a list of 45 Instagram stories ideas to get you creating content.

I find Instagram stories to be a bit more relaxed than the feed posts and it’s a great place to connect with your audience.

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How does this help your account grow though?

It helps because it creates engagement. When someone interacts with your account in any way, they are more likely to see your posts in the future.

That’s how the algorithm works.

45 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

Interaction can be a like or a comment on a feed post, but it can also be a reaction to your stories, an answer in a poll or any type of engagement with your content.

There are lots of little things you can do to massively boost your Instagram account and gain those first 1000 real followers (and beyond that). For example:

However, the main thing that is going to help you grow is CONTENT.

The more content you create, the better of an understanding you will have on what your ideal audience prefers to see. And the more you will up your game in terms of photographs and captions and everything that Instagram involves.

So even if you feel stuck at the moment, you need to keep going! Post more frequently and you will see results.

Here are some ideas to get you creating in no time. You can also apply some of these to your main feed and see how people react to them.

This list features various ideas for lifestyle content, so you can adapt it depending on the niche you have.

I am a lifestyle content creator, so I cover a variety of topics in my Instagram, but mostly motherhood, fashion and home decor.

You don’t need to have your niche figured out right now.

Keep going and you will eventually find your niche as you create more.

45 Instagram Stories Ideas

How to Get Instagram Content Ideas

1. Tap to tidy

The “tap to” stories are very popular for a reason. It is so satisfying to see before and after pictures. So next time you’re tidying your room or your kids’ toys, post a before and after.

2. Tap to glam

Another “tap to” post is a glam up one. Take pictures before and after applying your makeup or doing your hair, for example.

3. Tap to clean

Are you cleaning your stove? Power washing your deck? Cleaning a dining table?

The perfect opportunity to do a tap to clean. Make sure to add a before and after text or, even better, a tap to clean sticker from the GIF section.

4. Tap to cook

Another “tap to” feature is a cooking one. Take a before photo of your ingredients all laid out on a surface, then an after photo of your cooked meal.

5. Tap to build

Are you putting together a piece of Ikea furniture? Or are you building something from scratch?

Document the process on your stories. Lots of people will actually find it helpful if you post some tips during the process.

6. Tap to dress

Going from pyjamas to an everyday look, dressing up your baby or toddler, any transformation of this sort can be a tap to dress.

7. Tap to plant

You can also apply these tap to features on any gardening projects you might have going on. Whether that’s the process of you planting seeds, or a before and after of how your plant has grown.

8. Tap to decorate

Share posts of how your desk looked before and after giving it a makeover. Or your bedroom. Or your kitchen.

Any corner of your home you are decorating could be a good spot for this.

9. What I eat in a day

Share your meals of the day. It’s nice to get new ideas on what to have for lunch or what breakfast to make in the morning.

10. Recipe instructions

You can also share a more in-depth series of posts of ingredients and cooking instructions for a recipe.

Another tip: you can save your meals to highlights for people to find them later. Get some highlight covers here.

11. Corners of your home

Whatever corner of your home you like, whether it’s your reading nook, your kitchen countertops, toys organisation system. People love seeing these.

Content ideas for bloggers and Instagrammers

12. Progress of renovating/decorating

If you are renovating your place or re-decorating a room, take pictures of the progress along the way. And then create a timeline with all the steps you took to achieve the finished look.

13. Progress of decluttering

When you’re about to declutter a kitchen cupboard or that messy drawer, pick up the camera and take a before and after.

It doesn’t have to be a huge project, people love a bit of motivation to get theirs done.

14. Cleaning tip

Share a great cleaning tip you’ve learned lately. Whether that’s how to clean white trainers or a laundry tip.

15. Currently watching on Netflix

What are your favourite TV shows you’ve binged lately?

Any movies that kept you on the edge of your sofa?

Share them with your audience. Or ask for their recommendations too.

16. Your organiser/planner

How do you stay organised? Do you use a notes app on your phone? Do you use Google Calendar? A physical notebook or planner?

Share your planning process, meal plans etc.

17. A funny meme

Share a funny meme or picture that you saw online.

18. An inspiring quote

Share an inspiring saying, quote, words to live by – anything that motivates you and helps you be a better you.

19. A day in your life

Set out a day where you share pictures all throughout the day with time stamps.

For example: 7 am – breakfast, 8 am – at the desk starting work etc.

Take your audience through a typical day in your life. People love getting an insight into your life.

20. Your new feed picture

Share your new feed picture in your stories. This helps bring more engagement to your feed picture and boost your account in the long run.

21. Your latest content

Share your latest content from other platforms: new blog post, new YouTube video, new TikTok video etc.

Whatever it may be, it’s a good idea to cross promote your other platforms.

22. Your online shopping list

Doing some online shopping? Share some screenshots of what products are in your basket or what products you’re interested in.

23. A Q&A

Answer your most frequently asked questions.

24. A poll

Create a poll. It doesn’t have to be intricate, it’s actually the simple polls that make people interact more. The more engagement you get, the higher your posts will appear in people’s feeds.

You can ask: “How was your day today: Good/Meh”, “Are you team coffee or tea”. You will get to know your audience better too.

45 Instagram Stories Ideas

25. A questions box

You can use question boxes for more than just Q&A’s. Put them up to ask people suggestions for content they’d like to see, their favourite films etc.

26. Mini haul

Bought anything recently? Do a mini-haul of what you purchased and share why you picked those items.

27. Your pamper evening

What are your essential products for a relaxing evening at the end of a busy day?

28. Your fave beauty products

Share your beauty faves or even your daily makeup routine.

29. Your skincare routine

What’s your morning skincare routine? Or your night time skincare routine? What do you use for blemishes?

30. Your favourite podcasts

Listen to anything good lately? Share your favourite podcasts with your audience.

31. Follow Friday

What are some accounts you love? Share them in your stories.

32. Your favourite snacks

Any good snacks you discovered lately? Or good old loves?

33. Your to-do list for the day

Share some motivation and productivity inspo with your to-do list.

Daily to do list for content creators

34. A kids activity

If you’re a parent, how do you keep your kids entertained? What activity have you done today? Any crafts your kids liked?

35. Your weekly food shop

Share what you buy on a weekly basis for groceries. Lots of people are interested in these because it helps them plan out their own meals.

36. How you make your coffee/tea

It might sound random, but it’s a fun story to make.

37. Your current read

Any good books you’ve been loving lately?

38. How you take your pictures

Share the process of taking your pictures for Instagram or for your blog. What camera do you use? Do you use natural lighting or some sort of ring light?

39. How you edit your pictures

What editor do you use? Do you use Lightroom presets? Share a screen record of how you edit your photos.

40. Behind the scenes

Anything behind the scenes is a good idea. Whether that’s behind your daily work, your content creation process etc.

41. Create a story template or challenge. Tag others

You can use free editors like Canva to create Instagram story templates or challenges. You can create anything from “10 Things I love” to “3 Mom Tips”.

Make sure you create a space for people to tag other accounts. Start a challenge like this and start tagging other people in your story template.

42. Share your outfit

Everyone loves a good outfit of the day. It’s nice to get a bit of inspiration on what to wear.

43. Throwback

Whether it’s a year ago throwback or 10 years ago, it’s so cool to see how things have changed.

44. Have a chat

Open up the selfie mode camera and record a video just having a chat. About your day, about something that brings you joy, about something you’re struggling with. People like to see relatable, real faces 🙂

45. Share something about yourself

Something you’ve never shared before, something you used to love in your childhood, a habit you have, a tradition you’ve created etc.

45 instagram story ideas 2022

Hope you found these 45 Instagram story ideas for 2022 helpful!

What are you planning on posting today?

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  1. These are great tips! I find I don’t use stories as much as I should! I take tons of pictures but never get around to posting them, I need to try be better at sharing something I’ve taken a pic of!

    Hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you 🙂

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